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About the Garelick Extension Pole

Garelick Extension Poles take a different approach to their design. Instead of external locking collars that present the opportunity for damage, Garelick created an internal locking mechanism. Only a 1/4 turn locks sections in place. Work faster with this twisting action to extend and collapse your pole. Each pole has an ACME thread on the end so you can attach your tools with a Wooden Cone Adapter. The durable aluminum helps to keep the poles lightweight. Get the easy to use extension pole that window cleaners love.

*Does not include a wooden pole tip.


  • Internal Locking Mechanism
  • Twist Action Extendable Sections
  • ACME Threaded Tip
  • Made of Aluminum
Product Name Sections Extended Length Collapsed Length
Garelick Extension Pole 2 Section 8 Foot 2 Sections 8 Feet 53.5 Inches
Garelick Extension Pole 3 Section 8 Foot 3 Sections 8 Feet 40 Inches
Garelick Extension Pole 3 Section 12 Foot 3 Sections 12 Feet 55.5 Inches
Garelick Extension Pole 3 Section 18 Foot 3 Sections 18 Feet 80 Inches
Garelick Extension Pole 4 Section 24 Foot 4 Sections 24 Feet 83 Inches

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  • Is the acme thread 1" in diameter. Thanks in advance.

    The ACME thread is approximately 1/2".

  • How much does the 24ft pole weigh?

    Thanks for posting this question. The weight of the 24' Garelick is just under 4lbs.

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