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About the Ettore REA-C-H Extension Pole

Ettore REA-C-H Poles are the perfect way for you to get your favorite Ettore Hand Tools up high for getting those out-of-reach windows. External locking collars allow you to extend and collapse these poles to their full length. The Ettore Pro+ Pole Tip snaps onto your tools to lock them in place while you work. A comfortable ergonomic handle sits at the base of the pole. These are made of anodized gold aluminum to make them strong and light. It also helps to prevent corrosion.


  • Ettore Pro+ Pole Tip
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Made of Aluminum


Product Name Sections Extended Length Collapsed Length
Ettore REA-C-H 1 Section 2 Foot 1 Section 2 Feet 24 Inches
Ettore REA-C-H 2 Section 4 Foot 2 Sections 4 Feet 29.5 Inches
Ettore REA-C-H 2 Section 8 Foot 2 Sections 8 Feet 54 Inches
Ettore REA-C-H 2 Section 12 Foot 2 Sections 12 Feet 79.5 Inches
Ettore REA-C-H 3 Section 9 Foot 3 Sections 9 Feet 45.5 Inches
Ettore REA-C-H 3 Section 12 Foot 3 Sections 12 Feet 59 Inches
Ettore REA-C-H 3 Section 15 Foot 3 Sections 15 Feet 72 Inches
Ettore REA-C-H 3 Section 18 Foot 3 Sections 18 Feet 84 Inches
Ettore REA-C-H 4 Section 18 Foot 4 Sections 18 Feet 56 Inches
Ettore REA-C-H 4 Section 24 Foot 4 Sections 24 Feet 87 Inches
42102 42104 42108 42112 1680 1684 1688 1692 44218 44224
Manufacturer Part Number42102

Questions & Answers

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  • Will only Ettore handles fit this pole?

    Great question! This pole tip is actually compatible with most Moerman and Unger tools as well.

  • I have the ettore reach 4 section pole. My attachments (squeegee and pulex abrasive strip washer) they won’t stay on my pole what am I doing wrong. Neither screw on

    Hi! Thank you so much for reaching out! You aren't doing anything wrong! Unfortunately the Ettore Pole Tip is not compatible with Pulex tools. We would suggest choosing either a Pulex Extension Pole, OR changing your tools for an Ettore Squeegee and Scrubber combo, to keep working with your Ettore REA-C-H.

  • will the ettore master brass squeegee fit with this

    The Ettore Master Brass handle will lock onto the included pole tip.

  • How much does the Ettore REA-C-H 4 Section 24 Foot weigh?

    This pole weight a little over 5lbs.

  • Will this pole fit the tucker alpha brush head?

    This is not a water fed pole, we would not recommend pairing these items together.

  • Can I purchase replacement tips for the extender 4 ft? On this one the black plastic threaded tip slips over the pole, held by one screw.

    Search "ettore pro tip" in the search bar


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