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About the Unger OptiLoc Extension Pole

The Unger OptiLoc Extension Poles are the perfect accessory for completing route work. These long-lasting poles have a versatile Unger tip that locks onto Unger Tools, but also fits cleaning tools that are press fit, screw fit, or snap fit. The ACME threads at the end allow you to add on dusters, scrapers, light bulb removers, and more. Unger has a variety of great parts you can add to these OptiLoc Extension Poles, including a wooden cone adapter if your tool doesn't fit. The external collars twist to allow you to extend the pole sections and lock them in the desired spot. The benefit of them being on the outside is that they don't freeze up as quickly. The OptiLoc Poles are made from light and durable aluminum and come with an ergonomic handle.


  • Locking Unger Tip
  • ACME Threads
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Made of Aluminum
Product Name Sections Extended Length Collapsed Length Weight
Unger OptiLoc 2 Section 4 Foot 2 Sections 4 Feet 30.5 Inches 0.85 lbs
Unger OptiLoc 2 Section 8 Foot 2 Sections 8 Feet 55 Inches 1.36 lbs
Unger OptiLoc 2 Section 10 Foot 2 Sections 10 Feet 65 Inches 1.59 lbs
Unger OptiLoc 3 Section 6 Foot 3 Sections 6 Feet 37.5 Inches 1.45 lbs
Unger OptiLoc 3 Section 12 Foot 3 Sections 12 Feet 62 Inches 2.07 lbs
Unger OptiLoc 3 Section 14 Foot 3 Sections 14 Feet 72 Inches 2.78 lbs
Unger OptiLoc 3 Section 18 Foot 3 Sections 18 Feet 86 Inches 3.34 lbs
EZ120 EZ250 EZ300 ED180 ED370 ED450 ED550
Manufacturer Part NumberEZ120

Questions & Answers

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  • Is the 14' pole actually 14' of usable length once fully extended? I ask because my Ettore 16' pole is actually 15'. I'm trying to pick the correct length for 2nd story pole work...thanks!

    Thanks for the question! This pole measures out at 14', so the working height is going to be 14' + the tool + your height.

  • will this pole fit the IPC Eagle Techno Pad?

    Yes, the IPC Eagle Techno Pad will fit on the Unger Pole tip via pressure fit.

  • How do I attach the squeegee combo to the 18' extension?

    Depending on which type of squeegee, it will either lock on, or pressure fit on this pole tip. Please be aware this pole tip is not compatible with every squeegee handle.

  • will this work with the Unger Complete ErgoTec 40° Ninja Squeegee

    Hi Adam, yes!

  • Can you attach sorbo and ettore squeegees to this pole?

    Yes to both! For the Ettore, however, it will stick on there, but may not exactly lock into place. You can add a wood cone adapter or another type of pole tip that already works with your Ettore squeegee handle.

  • Where are the weights of these products like with the carbon fiber please?

    The Unger OptiLoc Extension Poles are made of aluminum and weigh the following: 2 section, 4 Foot - 0.85 lbs 2 section, 8 foot - 1.36 lbs 2 section, 10 foot - 1.59 lbs 3 section, 6 foot - 1.45 lbs 3 section, 12 foot - 2.07 lbs 3 section, 14 foot - 2.78 lbs 3 section, 18 foot - 3.34 lbs A column for weight has also been added to the chart.

  • can i attach a painter roller to this product? I ve been searching high and low for the perfect pole extender.

    Yes, you can thread the roller onto the end

  • How long are the Sections? Im looking for 12' pole and dont know if that is 2 sections or 3

    The 12' pole is 3 sections


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