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About the XERO J2 Extension Pole

Harness the force with the XERO J2 Pole to clean up rebel scum and grime on windows and come to the clean side with this hybrid extension pole. Three sections extend out to 6 feet making it perfect for storefronts. Each section is held in place with clamps that are easy to adjust while you work. Collapsed this pole is only 40 inches long so it's convenient to keep by your side. Each section has a built-in end defender to keep them protected when you set your pole down. That also means you can take sections off if you want an even shorter pole!

Each pole comes with an acme tip and wood cone adapter. Select your favorite brand to add a trad adapter designed to fit those tools securely. Use your hand tools up high, lightning-fast and get a shockingly clean window. Much like C3PO and R2D2 work best together, so will you and your new J2 Pole.

The J2 was the brainchild of WCR and the BackFlip Boys, Jacob Williams and James Riley. Their ideas and specs for a short pole became the J2!


  • 3 Section Pole
  • 6 Foot Extended Length
  • 40 Inches Collapsed
  • Weighs 1 lb | 16 oz | 458 g
  • End Defenders in each section
  • Includes a wood cone adapter and acme tip
  • Made of a hybrid material

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  • Will a Wfp adapter kit for the regular xero trad pole be compatible with this pole


  • Does zero make add on extension sets for this pole?

    There is no add-on extension set for the J2 Pole. This pole is made up of three sections that extend out to 6 feet and is good to use for storefront work.

  • Can the Xero J2 be extended?

    The XERO J2 extends to 6 feet

  • Which tip fits for an excelerator?

    The Moerman Tip or Dr. Angle Tip will fit the Excelerator handle.

  • Moreman tip is out of stock, when is the release date?

    They should be back up and available momentarily!

  • The XERO J2 Extension Pole is made up of what specific hybrid material? Carbon fiber? High modulus..? Thanks in advance!

    The XERO J2 is a hybrid of carbon fiber and fiber glass, mostly carbon fiber.

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