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About the XERO Hose

XERO Hose is the world's best water fed pole hose. This Polyurethane, ether-based hose comes in 100 foot and 500 foot lengths. Enjoy an ultra-light and kink-free hose that will help you get the job done. Low cost, thick, it deploys quickly, and coils easily.

XERO Hose is far superior to your standard waterfed pole hose. The design allows the hose to be kink-resistant and to return to a flat state. Its advantages lie in its ability to lay flat, without memory. The user can easily pull out any coils or kinks that do occur.

What makes it the best? Superb quality, lays flat, easy to work with, almost no memory. Plus it's rated for water from -75°F to 155°F.


  • 5/16" Outer Diameter
  • 3/16" Inner Diameter
  • Polyurethane
  • Ether Based
  • Rated for -75° to 155°F Water

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  • Can the polyurethane be melted closed at the end?

    Yes it can!

  • Will you ever consider selling 50 foot (perfect for a pole) or even 25 foot lengths (for cutting up and making connections to your brush). I need some shorter lengths, but it’s hard to justify $90 when I don’t need that kind of length.

    Not at this time.

  • Can the hose be used on a hose reel?

    Yes. There is a great selection of reels to choose from. Search "reels" in the search box.

  • I am looking for 200' of this hose. Would I be able to buy 200'?

    Hi Merill, Yep that's no problem just let us know what color you want and what length and we are happy to custom cut you a length. Thanks

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