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About the XERO Micro Destroyer Water Fed Pole

The stiffest, most firm water fed pole is now available in Micro size! The XERO Micro Destroyer looks and works like the original destroyer except it's more compact making it perfect for smaller work vehicles and easy travel. It has super thick walls for durability and is made from Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber.

Featuring a 3k wrap and sanded-smooth finish, this 30-foot pole is made up of 9 sections that can collapse and expand as needed. When collapsed, the bare 30-foot pole measures only 53 inches and weighs 5.2 lbs. The durable clamps on each section make it easy to adjust your pole. Simply flip open the lever on the clamp, adjust to the height you need, and close tightly to keep the extension where you want it. Remove the sections you don't need while you clean to lighten the weight of the pole. Sections 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 have built-in end defenders for working with small arrangements.

All poles longer than 30-feet include the XERO Destroyer+ Universal Extension. Sliding these extensions onto your pole will add an additional 10-feet to your 30-foot pole to reach the maximum of 70-feet. The bright yellow section is there to determine if has overextended.

Each pole comes complete with a Tucker brush and enough hose to measure the length of your pole plus an additional 10-feet to hook up to your pure water system. The Tucker Dual Trim Hybrid Brush features outer nylon bristles for a superior glide and inner boars hair bristles for an aggressive scrub. Two jets blast away the dirt and grime while you clean leaving a spotless finish. Additionally, you get a XERO Fast Lock to make swapping out your brushes a breeze.


  • Stiff and durable
  • Compact
  • Extends up to 70'
  • Extensions can be added or removed for each job
  • Includes hose, brush, and fittings


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Product Name Number of Sections Number of Extensions Pole Weight - Lbs (complete w/brush, hose, and fittings) Pole Weight - Grams (complete w/brush, hose, and fittings)
XERO Micro Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 30 Foot 9 (53" collapsed) None 7 3,175
XERO Micro Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 40 Foot 11 1 9 4,082
XERO Micro Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 50 Foot 13 2 12 5,443
XERO Micro Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 60 Foot 15 3 14 6,350
XERO Micro Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 70 Foot 17 4 17 7,711