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About the XERO Rubber Hose - 3/8 Inch

The XERO Rubber Hose is high quality and designed to resist kinks and abrasions, unlike regular water hoses. Use it with your pure water system to connect to a water source or to extend your current one. This lightweight PVC rubber hose makes it easy to bring to the job site. It can handle a temperature range of 25° to 150°. With its 3/8" inner diameter and durable brass fittings, this hose is the perfect addition to your pure water setup. Choose the appropriate size and color to fit your needs.


  • Connects to your pure water system
  • 3/8" inner diameter
  • Made with brass fittings
  • Lightweight Rubber PVC hose
  • Temperature range of 25° to 150°

*Color may vary slightly

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  • What’s the diameter?

    3/8" Inner Diameter

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