Window cleaners love to design new tools for getting the job done faster, easier, and safer. These products had their time in the lime light, but have stepped aside for the newest innovations in window cleaning. Look back through some of the most popular products over the years.

  • Unger ErgoTec Ninja Advanced 4-in-1 Kit

    Unger released this beginner kit for traditional window cleaners with four basic tools you need to get started.

    The ErgoTec Ninja Stripwasher let cleaners soap up the window with ease. The lightweight t-bar held a microfiber sleeve that was super absorbent and durable.

    The ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee was a mid-sized, 14 inch squeegee with a swiveling head. The 40° handle held the Ninja channel to make quick work of residential windows.

    To detail windows and catch any runaway drips, Unger added the ErgoTec Ninja Microwipe Towel to this kit. With it's corner pockets, it's easy to toss on your trad pole and get into corners.

    Keep your tools at the ready in the ErgoTec Ninja Bucket on a Belt. Perfectly sized for both the stripwasher and squeegee, you'll always know where your tools are and have solution ready to reapply to your mop.

    If you were lucky enough to score this kit, we bet you're leaving spotless windows in your wake.


    • Awesome starter kit! - Dan S.
      We purchased two of these great kits when we started our business. I recommend this kit for anyone who wants a great go to set of tools.
  • XERO Double DI Cart Package Side Angle View
  • XERO Double
    DI Cart

    The XERO Double DI Cart served window cleaners well, but was ultimately discontinued to allow other DI systems time in the spotlight.

    Unlike a standard DI Tank, this innovative DI Cart incorporated a pre-filter to protect the DI resin from some contaminants found in source water. Water was filtered through two 20 inch DI housings where resin removed impurities letting you clean windows without leaving spots behind! The large capacity of resin kept this operating for many hours and the canister design allowed for easy filter changes.

    Easy to transport thanks to a sturdy frame, and large wheels, window cleaners in soft water areas loved the XERO Double DI Cart. This system was made in the USA with high-quality parts.

    Don't despare that you missed out on this water purification system. The XERO Line continues to offer improved and updated options for you to choose from.


    • Overall a Fantastic DI Only System - CKWW
      So far the system works great! I'm very happy with the build quality & ease of use right out of the box. Since I live in a soft water area, a DI is all i needed & so far i think it works better than the Unger HydroPower system. All the connections are in easy to reach places, the wheels roll nicely (even up/down steep lawns/driveways) & I like how you can stand it up or lay it down while in use or for storage. Overall though I'd recommend this system in a soft water area for both residential & commercial work.

    • Great - Kyle B.
      Excellent for areas with low TDS tap water where an RO membrane isn't totally necessary. This product is constantly being improved and is backed by WCR. Customer service is amazing and will help resolve any issues with it, no questions asked. Give them a call or use the chat on this website, and they'll help you build the setup you need for your conditions and specific needs
  • IPC Eagle HydroTube
  • IPC Eagle

    The IPC Eagle HydroTube was a lightweight durable system. It was extremely compact and portable due to its large rear wheels and lightweight frame allowing you to wheel it almost anywhere -- on sidewalks, grass, or any other terrain.

    Weighing in at 28lbs, the HydroTube was easy to lift in and out of a truck or van. You could easily tuck it in a closet or in a small corner in your garage. That made the HydroTube the perfect product for professional and residential window cleaners.

    The HydroTube worked with a water-fed pole for heights up to 3 stories without a pump. The HydroTube ran one pole at a time and could be used upright or laying down. The HydroTube took advantage of reverse osmosis to purify water.


    • Love it - BLWindow
      After a lot of research and deliberation, I decided to purchase this unit as my first WFP system. It was a fantastic choice. It was producing pure water within 2 minutes of the unboxing and has been doing so for about a month now of consistent use. I have a spare filter kit on hand which is super affordable. It has been extremely consistent for me and I love it. I know that at some point I will be upgrading to the Xero Pure system, but I will always keep this unit around.

    • Huge results in a tiny package! - Nettoyage A.
      I am very pleased with the performance and durability of the HydroTube thus far. I`ve used it for about 20 hours and it`s steady at 000 ppm. It rolls over all landscapes, up and down stairs, and it weighs so little I lift it around with two fingers. Also, my set up and break down time is less than 5 minutes thanks to it`s simplicity. I used the system at over 40 feet on a 6 hour project all running just on tap water pressure with 200 feet of hose. It`s so much more than I could ask for!