Meet the XERO Pure Lineup:

Ten+ Reasons to Buy a XERO Pure

There are a lot of Water Fed Purification Systems available on the market for professional window cleaners. It can be overwhelming to choose one when there are so many options. Maybe you don’t quite know what you need or what would be best for your company. Below we explain why one of our XERO Pure units is always the best investment when it comes to your waterfed system!


    If you're sticking to a budget, the XERO Pure is a great choice. It's an affordable, easy-to-use, three-stage purification system that is great for beginners, residential, or commercial window cleaners. Super high-quality and reliable.

    If you like the sound of the XERO Pure but are tight on space, consider the XERO Pure ATOM! Both units work exactly the same and produce the same amount of water. The difference is the two 21 inch membranes instead of a single 40 inch one. The smaller size of this unit is also convenient for smaller work vehicles.

    Need to run two poles? Want something you won't outgrow? The XERO Pure MAX is for you. The dual ROs on this unit produce 1 gallon per minute allowing you to work without a pump on high windows. Easily run two poles at once for those big jobs and tackle up to 4-5 stories with ease.


    The three stages of purification water travels through include Carbon, RO (reverse osmosis), and DI (deionization). In the very first stage, water enters the carbon filter where large contaminants are removed. The water then enters the RO membrane which does the bulk of the work removing impurities. The last stage of filtration is when water enters the DI housing for that final brush up to ensure its TDS is below 10 ppm. Once your TDS starts to read above 10 ppm, it is time to switch out your resin. Not only is it super easy to change out the filters but, one of the great features of this system is the non-proprietary filter changes. It keeps it cost-effective and you can use any replacement that fits the system bought at your favorite supplier. Ensure your XERO Pure unit is always working at its best by keeping up on regular filter changes. Doing this will also add longevity to your RO membrane.


    The XERO Pure was built with the window cleaner in mind which mean efficiency without the need for extras. That means no gauges, one valve and no meters needed. The mindset behind this design choice is that anything extra on the system degrades the flow of water to your water fed pole. Enjoy maximum flow and efficiency with any of our XERO Pure units.

    Good news, no pump is required for standard one-man operation. If you do want to operate two water fed pole at once you can always add a pump in the future or upgrade to the XERO Pure Max.

    Another benefit? No electricity is needed. Plug a garden hose into the back of your XERO Pure and your water fed pole to the front, and you’re ready to get to work.


    The XERO line of systems is a stand out on the market for a reason. If you were going to build a dream pure water system with just the right features, this is what you would build. It's made with only the highest quality parts. For example, the RO Membrane tube is stainless steel while most other systems use PVC plastic. We could have lowered the cost by using plastic fittings throughout instead of brass but all brass fittings last longer and won't leak over time like plastic does. Built to last. The XERO Pure window cleaning cart achieves the pinnacle of pure water performance. It also includes the highest quality hose available. Leaks waste water and time. We want to be sure you use every available second to make money with your pure water window cleaning system, not waste it away with constant repairs and adjustments.


    The XERO units weigh between 51 pounds and 99 pounds, depending on which unit you choose. Any unit can be easily transported and moved in and out of your vehicle when you get to a job. Operate it standing up or laying down. So versatile, right? You can take it out of the vehicle at each job site or leave it in. If you are tight on space and looking for something more compact, we definitely recommend the XERO Pure ATOM.

    Standing up or laying down, the system will function the same either way. Some users have even mounted it to the wall of their vehicle.


    What does that mean exactly? Simply put, XERO systems do not lock you into expensive proprietary filters. You can pick up Replacement Filters and DI Resin online from Window Cleaning Resource or even somewhere local to you. This keeps costs low and makes life easier for you.

    When it comes to filter replacement for your unit, the XERO Pure systems come with two consumable filters: Sediment Carbon and DI. You can easily extend the RO Membrane life from 2 to 4 years with frequent Carbon Filter changes. Keep in mind that this also heavily depends on several factors such as frequency of use and how hard your water is.


    That's right! Once you get your new XERO Pure unit, the set up is super easy! After a few simple steps, you'll be ready to hook up the hoses and get to work. It's really that easy, but we have lots of videos and info online about system setup and System Maintenance. You get equipment that just works flawlessly out of the box so you can start making money! No fiddling, no break downs, no hassle - just a pure water system that is ready to get to work!

    If you need help selecting a water fed pole we can do that for you too! We sell an INSANE amount of XERO Waterfed Poles which compliment this line of systems really well. Rather invest in a complete package? No problem! check out the XERO Pure Package. Give us a call today and we will help, 862-266-0677!


    Upgrades make your life easier. The XERO Pure is a complete system on its own but we have a few products that can enhance the efficiency at your job site. For example, need a pump option for your XERO Pure? The 110 Volt Booster Pump is a great choice and is ideal for boosting pressure on an RO/DI system.

    Check out the XERO High Flow Deluxe Kit or the XERO High Flow Ultimate Kit if you want to upgrade your setup.

    Don't forget about XERO Hose. This hose is light, moves well around landscaping with no damage and is easy to roll by hand or reel. Almost impossible to kink!

    Another option is the XERO HD 150 Reels. These units come with 150 feet of XERO red or blue hose and can easily connect to your window cleaning setup.


    That's right! The XERO Pure units are built and manufactured right in here in the USA (New York to be exact!). It is made with American materials by American workers. When you purchase a purification system from XERO, it helps support and maintain American jobs and manufacturing. America thanks you, and so do we.

    If you are looking at our XERO Pure classic units (XERO Pure, X2 and JR) those units are made by our friends at IPC Eagle! They are a staple in the window cleaning industry and have been producing high-quality equipment for the cleaning industry for well over 20 years. IPC Eagle is a trusted name in manufacturing and in the window cleaning industry in general.


    Having a system that is easy to use and maintain is one of the top concerns from our customers - and with good reason! As a professional business owner we know time is limited. You want something that just works and is simple to set up, use and maintain. We have a range of systems that will fit whatever your need is.

    We sell a lot of pure water systems but our line up of XERO Pure Systems easily outsells them all. If you want a no-frills system that is simple to operate and cheap to maintain this, the Pure line up is the way to go. These systems are easy to use and reliable so it's great if you are just getting into waterfed or are a seasoned veteran!


    That's right! Your new XERO Pure System ships free, always! Free shipping adds to the cost-effectiveness of this system for our customers. It will ship right from our in house warehouse in New York. Because these are made in house, we can keep on top of demand and there are no wait times. We ship same day, free and fast. Need a system faster? Reach out to your favorite rep at Window Cleaning Resource and see if we can make it happen. Reach out to us via phone, email, chat or Facebook Messenger. We are here to help!


    A water fed system is an investment, we realize it isn't cheap by any means. Which is why when it comes down to it, you want to order your system from a company that will provide stellar customer service before and AFTER the sale! That's right, we'll help you long after the sale is done. Need help with assembly? Need a replacement part? Not sure if you need to change your filter? Need to store your system for Winter? Whatever the case may be, we have your back! We're here for you 24/7 via phone, email and chat and we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service in the industry! Ask our experts anything!

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