• XERO Pure

  • The XERO Pure MAX is a powerhouse of a high flow system! Need to run two poles? Want something you won't outgrow? If you simply want more water flow, this is the unit for you. The dual ROs on this unit produce 1 gallon per minute allowing you to work without a pump on high windows. Easily run two poles at once for those big jobs. This unit can handle the hardest of water and help you tackle up to 4-5 stories with ease. If you're tight on space and need something more compact, scroll down to check out the XERO Pure ATOM.

  • Benefits of using
    a dual RO System

    • More Pure Water Production
    • No Pump Needed
    • Dual pole action

      Harness 2x the power with this dual RO system! You now are able to operate two water fed poles off one unit! Tackle those bigger jobs with XERO stress, trust us.

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    Recommended Accessories

    • XERO Rubber Hose
      - 3/8 Inch

      XERO Rubber Hose is designed to resist kinks and abrasions, unlike other hoses! Use it with your pure water system to connect to a water source or extend your current one.

    • XERO DI Resin

      An affordable option for creating pure water! This resin purifies water so you can achieve flawless, spot-free windows.

    • XERO Destroyer
      Water Fed Pole

      The longest, stiffest waterfed pole around! Made from Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber, you will be able to take on jobs you never thought you could. You can choose from 30ft all the way up to 90ft.