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Regular price $1,599.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $1,599.00 USD
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About the XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole

Take on the jobs you never thought you could with a water fed pole when you have the XERO Destroyer. The super thick walls and increased underlap means you can reach heights of 90 feet.

Made from Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber, this pole is remarkably light. The base 30-foot pole weighs only 4.8 pounds. Each Universal+ Extension only adds 2.1 pounds. Add and remove extensions as necessary to save weight and increase maneuverability on smaller jobs. The 30-foot pole is made up of seven sections that can collapse and expand for small commercial and residential window cleaning jobs. When collapsed, the 30-foot pole measures only 69 inches and the 40-foot pole is 81 inches. Durable clamps are easy to flip open to adjust your pole and close tightly to keep it extended where you want it. The end features a durable plastic end defender for when you don't have a base cap on. The Universal+ Extensions are made up of two sections and expand out to give you an extra ten feet. You can always start small and add sections so your pole can grow as your business grows.

These poles come complete with enough hose for your pole plus ten feet to hook up to your pure water system. They include a XERO Hybrid Brush for scrubbing away dirt and grime. These 12-inch brushes feature outer nylon bristles that offer excellent glide and inner boars hair bristles to scrub glass aggressively. Two jets blast away the dirt to help you leave spotless windows. Lastly, you get a XERO Fast Lock system so that you may easily swap your water-fed brushes in no time. 

Get your hands on the stiffest pole on the market that was designed specifically for the window cleaner working at maximum heights.


  • Stiffest, most rigid pole in the XERO Series
  • Extends up to 90'
  • Lightweight
  • Extensions can be added or removed for each job
  • Includes hose, brush, and fittings
  • A must-have for commercial cleaners

Questions & Answers

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  • Does any company in Europe sale the destroyer poles? And are they alot more ridit then the Gardiner poles?

    No, but we do ship to Europe! Yes, more rigid than the comparable gardiner pole, AND more affordable!

  • Which pole best is best for a 6 storey apartment building? How much distance will I need at ground level from the building to do the poling properly? Are all the prices listed in Canadian money? How long to have one delivered in Montreal?

    The XERO Destroyer is the most rigid option on the market today, for 6 stories at least a 70' would be recommended. And the user would need to be around 25' away from the building. If you are pulling the site up in Canada the prices should be listed in Canadian money. Shipping to Montreal takes about 2-3 business days.

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Product Name Number of Sections Number of Extensions Pole Weight - Lbs Pole Weight - Grams
XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 30 Foot 7 (69" collapsed) None 4.92 2,232
XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 40 Foot 9 (81" collapsed) None 7.16 3,250
XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 50 Foot 11 1 9.57 4,342
XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 60 Foot 13 2 11.97 5,434
XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 70 Foot 15 3 14.38 6,526
XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 80 Foot 17 4 16.79 7,618
XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole - 90 Foot 19 5 19.20 8,710