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About the XERO Regen DI Resin

Save some money while still getting the DI Resin you need for your pure water system. This resin purifies water so you can leave spotless windows when you clean with your waterfed pole. Buy a larger amount to always have some on hand to refill your DI Tank. 1 cube of resin weighs approximately 40 lbs, 1/2 cube is 20 lbs, and the 1/4 cube is 10 lbs. Resin should be changed out when TDS reaches about 10.

What systems can you use this in?

  • XERO
  • Tucker
  • Facelift
  • IPC Eagle

This chart compares incoming TDS readings to approximately how many gallons of Pure Water you can produce before regeneration of your tank is needed.


Total Dissolved Solids

1/2 Tank

Expected Gallons of Pure Water

Full Tank

Expected Gallons of Pure Water

50 3,012 6,024
100 1,506 3,012
200 753 1,500
300 502 1,004
400 376 752
500 301 602
600 251 502
700 215 430
800 188 376
900 167 334
1000 151 302

*Color may vary

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  • How long will the resin last in storage?

    Hi Rob, regen resin should be used within 1 year of purchasing, virgin resin 2-5 years. However, if they're opened, they must be sealed air-tight to stay fresh and not dry out. Once they've dried out, they're not usable.

  • Is this what I would use for the Xero Rev? or do I use. the virgin resin?

    Yes, this resin is recommended for the XERO Revolution.

  • How often do you change the resin?

    Resin changes depend on how often you use it and how hard the water is. When your TDS readings reach about 10, it's time for a resin change.

  • I would like to know what exactly is the resin made of? I know its plastic, but can you go more in depth? are they positively and negatively charged resin in order to deionize the water?

    DI resin beads are charged with Cation and Anion. Depending on the mixture, 50% Anion and 50% Cation or 40% and 60%.

  • What is the resin made of? Is the old used resin if spilled toxic to plants or animals?

    Resin is plastic, it is non toxic but definitely should not be ingested by pets or people, and should be disposed of properly.

  • How many full tank refills do you typically get from a 1 cubic foot bag of resin?

    Thanks for taking the time to post this question. How much resin you need is dictated by the size of your DI tank. DI tanks come in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 full cube.

  • Hi, I'm looking at using loose resin with my unger hydropower system. Just wondering how much is needed for a single refill? I'm in Canada and considering the cost effectiveness of driving to the states to buy this? Any help is appreciated!

    Thanks for posting this question. The HydroPower bag holds 6 liters of DI resin. Hope this helps.

  • I have two questions... 1) Is there any difference in the longevity or performance between virgin resin & regenerated resin? ... 2) On average, how many gallons of purified water (with a TDS reading of zero) can you get with a 1/4 cubic foot of resin?

    There is very little difference between this once washed regenerated resin and virgin resin. The quality of the water produced is exactly the same, it may simply produce slightly fewer gallons. How many gallons of water resin can produce 100% depends on the incoming TDS.

  • What is the difference in performance between virgin and regenerated resin?

    The regenerated resin works a little better only because all the fines from manufacturing have been removed. The thing is for what we as window cleaners need for spot free cleaning their is not enough difference for you to spend more money buying virgin resin. Regeneration is the process used to charge and clean resin.

  • Hello, How much resin do I need to refill my XERO Pure?

    You will need 1/4 cubic foot and make sure to pack it tightly to avoid channeling. Also, make sure to replace the canister in the proper position.

  • Can this resin be used in place of water softening resin in a Watts M7002 unit?

    If that is a standard DI tank then our resin would work for you.

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