• XERO Pure

  • We know not everyone has enough space for a water filtration system. That's ok, we have you covered! The XERO Pure ATOM is a perfect compact pure water system for small vehicles or even occasional pure water use.

    This system is basically a XERO Pure, just a compact mini version. They may look different but work exactly the same. It's still a three-stage filtration system! It's super reliable and completely user-friendly.

  • How does it work?

    There are three stages of purification in this system. They include CarbonRO (Reverse Osmosis), and DI (Deionization).

    In the first stage, water enters the carbon filter. Large fragments are removed before the water enters the RO membrane. The RO does the big part, removing contaminants, sediments, etc. The last stage of filtration is when the water finally reaches the DI housing. It's like putting the final touches on to ensure its TDS is below 10ppm.

    Once your resin is spent, you can easily switch it out. One of the highlights of this system is the non-proprietary filters. It keeps things cost-effective and even better, you can use any replacement that fits the system bought at your favorite supplier.

    Note: Since the DI tank is smaller on the XERO Pure Revolution ATOM, you may have to switch out the resin a little more often!

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