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About the XERO Triple Pure

The largest, most powerful, and epic pure water system, brought to you by the leaders in water purification systems in the window cleaning industry, is the XERO Triple Pure.

This XERO pure water system is equipped with not one, not two, but three 40-inch RO membranes, capable of producing approximately 3 gallons of purified water per minute.

XERO's Most Balanced Machine to Date

This beast of a machine features an ultra-thick metal frame that is twice the girth of the XPR+ and XPR MAX+. One 10-inch sediment filter and one 10-inch chloramine filter nestle securely behind the three 40-inch RO housings and above the hefty 20-inch refillable DI tank, constructed with ultra-durable plastic. A solid metal bracket holds each essential piece of this system on its heavy metal frame. Two metal gussets are welded to the bottom to even further improve its balance and stability. It's best to use this system laying down for maximum efficiency and to make sure it doesn't get knocked over and damaged, but thanks to an improved center of gravity, it can be used standing up, too, when need be.

Improved Filtration System

Beginning with the inlet of the system, a sediment filter and chloramine filter sit neatly above the DI tank to extend the lifespan of the RO membranes. Due to the influx of chloramines in city water that cause great damage to the RO membranes, this machine was built to preserve itself during the filtration process. The sediment filter removes any sediment that may be in the water coming from the source.

Three RO membranes create more water, thus providing you with a consistent heavy flow of water to guarantee you're unstoppable when taking on the largest projects. What is unique about this system is that the waste from two of the RO housings is fed into the third RO. The benefit is that there is less waste water expelled from the system, making it more efficient overall.

In addition, the double-capacity DI Filter means fewer filter changes for you, so you can clean for longer without worrying about swapping out the refillable DI cartridge. Just like the original XPR Systems, there are absolutely no proprietary filters, so you can pick up replacements wherever you are.

Highest Quality Materials Built to Last

Durable brass hose connections are strategically placed for ease of use. Top-quality wheels have been installed in this state-of-the-art design. A steel axle passes through them for added support with cotter pins on the sides to lock the wheels into place. Not only does this improve the balance of this system, but it keeps the wheels even more secure to prevent damage and accidents. A clearly labeled pressure gauge on the side allows you to monitor your incoming tap pressure as soon as it hits the RO membrane after going through the pre-filters. Every working part of this system has been engineered with the keenest eyes and inspected with the finest touch.

Dominate Large Spaces With an Ongoing Flow of Purified Water

The XERO Triple Pure is XERO's most sophisticated water purification system to date. The triple RO membranes allow you to tackle endless fields of solar panels, enormous commercial complexes, and so much more. This system gives you the ability to clean massive spaces seamlessly, all while remaining completely balanced, ergonomically sound, and robust in its materials and design.


  • TDS Meter
  • Small Filter Wrench
  • Large Filter Wrench
  • RO Guardian
  • Lube
  • Owner's Manual


  • User-friendly
  • Triple ROs produce 3 gallons of water per minute
  • Perfect for cleaning wide-spanning solar farms
  • Run two to three poles at once
  • Sturdiest construction of XERO Pure Systems yet
  • 51.75" x 21" x 16"
  • 12-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

*Must be shipped via freight carrier


30 PSI 40 PSI 50 PSI 60 PSI 70 PSI 75 PSI 100 PSI
Flow .8 GPM 1 GPM 1.2 GPM 1.5 GPM 2 GPM 2.3 GPM 3 GPM

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XERO Systems XERO Triple Pure XERO Pure XERO Pure Plus XERO Pure MAX XERO Pure MAX Plus XERO Pure ATOM
Length 51.75 inches 51.5 inches 52 inches 51.5 inches 51.5 inches 40.5 inches
Width 21 inches 16 inches 15.5 inches 16 inches 16 inches 17.5 inches
Height 16 inches 12 inches 13 inches 13.5 inches 13.5 inches 13.5 inches
Weight 115.40 lbs 51 lbs 57 lbs 72 lbs 79 lbs 52 lbs
Bracket Specs Filters & DI mounted together Filters & DI mounted separately Filters & DI mounted together Filters & DI mounted separately Filters & DI mounted together Filters & DI mounted separately
DI Size 20"" DI Cartridge 10"" DI Cartridge 20"" DI Cartridge 10"" DI Cartridge 20"" DI Cartridge 10"" DI Cartridge
Number of Total Filters 6 3 4 3 4 3
Number of RO Filters Three 40"" One 40"" One 40"" Two 40"" Two 40"" Two 21""
Pressure Gauge? Yes No Yes No Yes No
Chloramine Filter? Yes No Yes No Yes No
Sediment Filter? Yes No Yes No Yes No
Carbon Filter? No Yes No Yes No Yes
Frame Color Black Black Red Black Green and Blue Black