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About the XERO High Flow Ultimate Kit

Get extensive use out of your water fed pole with the XERO High Flow Ultimate Kit. Packed with all the extra pieces required to take cleaning with your pole to the next level.

Choose 50 or 100 feet of red or blue XERO 3/8" Rubber Hose based on your cleaning needs. This hose is perfect for extending range when working, is designed to resist kinks, and provides more flow. Its durable quality can handle temperatures up to 150° and is made with all brass fittings.

The 12-inch Tucker Boar's Hair Brush is perfect for those extra dirty windows. The coarse bristles are super aggressive and will produce awesome scrubbing power along with the four jets that will powerfully blast away dirt while you clean. If you need readjusting, the included Uni-Valve will help conserve water when you need to set down your pole. This valve attaches to your pole's inner tubing. The water flow can be turned on and off by tugging at the bottom tubing of the pole.

If stubborn spots still appear on the surface, use the XERO Contact Scrubber. It attaches to your standard angle adapter opposite your brush so you can just flip your pole around and get scrubbing.

This kit also includes an Acme Tip Set so you are about to attach traditional window cleaning tools like squeegees, strip washers, and more!


  • XERO 3/8" Rubber Hose (your choice size and color)
  • Tucker Boar's Hair Brush - 12 Inch
  • Tucker Over the Top Rinse Bar Plastic - 12 Inch
  • RHG Male Quick Connect Push to Fit Set - 5/16 Inch
  • Tucker Swivel Gooseneck
  • Exceed Uni-Valve
  • Garden Hose Quick Connect Male and Female Set - Brass
  • XERO Push Fitting Set
  • Unger HydroPower On/Off Valve
  • XERO Contact Scrubber
  • XERO Fast Lock Brush Attachment


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