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Regular price $2,199.00 USD
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About the XERO Pure Plus

The XERO Pure Plus is the updated version of the super popular XERO Pure. After 10 years of in the field and real-life feedback, we've made changes for an even better, more affordable system!

Perfect for beginner water-fed window cleaners, the XERO Pure Plus is a three-stage purification system that will guarantee flawless results and will keep costs low with its modest design.


Built-in house, the Pure Plus is durable but lightweight, making it easy to move around the job site. At only 57 lbs, it's easy to lift in and out of your vehicle. The durable steel frames allow you to use it standing up or lying down. This system is super convenient, enabling you to power one pole with no pump needed when you don't have full access to a site.

For the XERO Pure Plus, we've decided that we could go even further with design upgrades and heightened user efficiency. This new, improved, upgraded version of the standard XERO Pure features two new types of filtration.

Stages of Filtration

Starting from the inlet system, we've added a sediment filter and a chloramine filter, instead of the standard carbon filter that doesn't pack quite as much of a punch. Nowadays, with city water being flooded with chloramines that take great tolls on the RO membranes of these systems, it is getting more challenging to remove them from the water. Luckily, the XERO Pure Plus has a chloramine filter, making it easy to extend the life of the RO membrane. Once it leaves the two pre-filters, the water filters into the RO membrane, where it then hits a pressure gauge added to the top.

The pressure gauge allows you to monitor your incoming tap pressure as soon as they hit the RO membrane after going through the pre-filters. We've also beautified this system by introducing a powder-coated, fire-engine red frame that makes its design eye-catching and sleek.


In addition, a brand-new bracket makes this purification system even more convenient, as it mounts the pre-filters and the DI together, allowing this model to have room to hold a 21-inch DI cartridge, rather than the standard XERO Pure's 10-inch DI cartridge. This double-capacity DI Filter means fewer filter changes for you, so you can clean for longer without worrying about swapping out the refillable DI cartridge. And just like the original XERO Pure, there are no proprietary filters, so you can always pick up replacements wherever you are.

What's Included:

  • TDS Meter
  • Small Filter Wrench
  • Large Filter Wrench
  • RO Guardian
  • Aladdin Magic Lube
  • Owner's Manual


  • Works without a pump for one user
  • Three-stage purification
  • Non-Proprietary Replacement Filters
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Easy to operate
  • No Assembly Required



Questions & Answers

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  • How often do you have to replace this / the filter and how do I get started quick with this devise

    Filter time varies based on use. These systems are ready to go. Please give us a call at 862-266-0677 to speak with a specialist to clarify specific details about using and caring for this system.

  • How many gpm will this produce?

    Hello, this will produce approximately 1 GPM with no pump and 1.5 GPM with an electric booster pump.

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XERO Pure XERO Pure Plus
Length 51.5 inches 52 inches
Width 16 inches 15.5 inches
Height 12 inches 13 inches
Weight 51 lbs 57 lbs
Bracket Specs Filters & DI mounted separately Filters & DI mounted together
DI Size 10" DI Cartridge 20" DI Cartridge
Number of Filters 3 4
Pressure Gauge? No Yes
Chloramine Filter? No Yes
Sediment Filter? No Yes
Frame Color Black Red
12-Year Warranty? Yes Yes
Made in the USA? Yes Yes