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Pure Water Power

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Regular price $89.00 USD
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About the PWP Extended Gooseneck

Ever wish you had more of an angle on your water-fed pole? A way to get past deep sills or keep your pole from bouncing off the side of a building when it's fully extended? Well, your wish has come true thanks to the PWP Extended Gooseneck.

This gooseneck is designed to slide into the top of your PWP Pole and take the place of the standard angle adapter your pole came with. The tip will fit into the end of this gooseneck to secure your favorite brush. There is an anti-spin feature that keeps the gooseneck in alignment with the top section of your water-fed pole.  

Bent at a 45° angle, your pole will now have the perfect configuration to reach past window ledges so you can get a complete clean. This angle also helps keep your pole sections from smacking against walls when you're extended fully out at extreme heights.

Choose from three different sizes of this carbon fiber gooseneck. Measured from the end of the pole tip to the top of the curve, you can get the largest 20-inch version, 18-inch, or modest 12-inch one. Each one comes with tubing already run through the gooseneck and anti-spin tip. It has a straight push fitting on the end of the hose to connect to the tubing you already use on your water-fed pole.

The PWP Extended Gooseneck is compatible with all PWP and XERO poles.


  • Get past deep window ledges
  • Keep your pole from hitting the building
  • Made from carbon fiber
  • Anti-Spin Feature
  • 45° Angle
  • Comes with hose, tip, and fitting
  • Compatible with all PWP and XERO poles

Questions & Answers

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  • Would this be ideal to clean solar panels from the ground for steep roofs more for one story ?

    If you are planning to clean them from the ground, this waterfed pole gooseneck will definitely help keep your pole from bouncing off the other panels, and it will give you a more controlled reach. Definitely a good option for maintaining safety!

  • does this fit the Gardner poles

    Yes, this is a compatible option.

  • Will this fit the XERO Carbon Fiber Pole - Trad Pole 2.0 20 foot and World Enterprises trad adapter? Thanks.

    It does fit in the #1 section of the XERO Trad Pole 2.0.

  • Will this work with the Tucker Eco Mini?

    Yes, it will work with the Tucker Eco Mini and all Tucker Eco Poles.

  • Can this gooseneck be used with swivel?

    It is not recommended due to the limited control of the swivel at the Goosneck angle.

  • Are these compatible with Simpoles? Thank you and take care.

    No, they are not.

  • Will this fit the older basic carbon fiber xero 40 foot pole? Thanks.

    It will not fit into section 1 but it will fit into section 2 with the clamp extra tight. It is NOT compatible with the older style Facelift glue-on clamps but IS compatible with the Facelift PHANTOM clamps.

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