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About the Rubber Sampler Pack

Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to which rubber is the best. Make the decision for yourself with this sampler 6 pack! Each piece comes in a 36-inch length so you can cut it down to fit your various channel sizes. Try each brand and see if one stands out for you. This pack includes both hard and soft varieties.

• The Ettore Master Rubber promises flawless, streak-free results. Each blade is hand inspected before it leaves the factory so you can trust you get a great piece of rubber every time.

Pulex Soft Rubber is made from vulcanized rubber making it extremely durable. It is great for normal to cool temperatures.

Pulex Hard Rubber is created for working in warm climates, it is super durable.

• The Unger ErgoTec Soft Rubber is loved for its reliability and fantastic glide. Get streak-free results in normal to cold climates with this rubber.

• The BlackDiamond Medium Rubber is the most affordable option. It is a favorite among window cleaners for its dependability during a long workday.

• The most unique rubber in this pack is the Facelift RazrBlade. Straight from the UK, this rubber works in all seasons and has an exceptionally long life.

Add some variety to your squeegee with this rubber sample pack. Once you get through this pack, you can pick up more of your favorite on this page.



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  • Is each piece clearly marked so I can see what brand I'm using?

    Yes, each rubber has the brand marked on it.

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