Ten+ Reasons to
Consider Financing Your Equipment

There is often some confusion that leaves business owners feeling overwhelmed when we mention that financing/leasing your next big equipment purchase can be a smart decision for your business. Below we explain why you should consider financing your equipment. There are tons of unique benefits to the program. The process is simple and straightforward and not nearly as scary as you think it is! If you are interested in even more information regarding window cleaning equipment financing check out our leasing options or our in-house funding.


    We talk to a lot of customers who are thinking of transitioning into pure water but one roadblock seems to continually come up - price. We get it. Waterfed poles, purification systems, and all supporting accessories are certainly not cheap. This is a very valid concern that customers have. One huge benefit of leasing is that the high cost of equipment is broken up into monthly, manageable payments.

    If we take a step back, the real first step is determining what kind of equipment you need. You need to know your TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) which you can find out here. These "Dissolved solids” refer to any minerals, salts, metals, cations, or anions dissolved in water. Why does this matter? When it comes down to it, the lower the TDS, the lower your purification system cost can be. A DI tank will be a cost-effective method of purification if your TDS reading is under 150. If your TDS is over 150 though, a multistage purification such as the XERO Pure is absolutely necessary.

    Either way, you are looking at a charge. Luckily, we finance anything over $1,000. Easily make the high-cost equipment or package you are looking at affordable when you lease!


    What do we mean by that? By financing, you only need to cover the monthly payment so you can profit from the first day you have your new equipment in your hands. Your equipment can literally pay for itself! For example, maybe you need a new waterfed pole with a higher reacher to get that commercial bid. Maybe you need a new waterfed purification package to bring your company to the next level and land those bigger jobs. Whatever the case may be, we help thousands of window cleaners each year finance the equipment they need so those big jobs can get done!

    Speaking of equipment paying for itself, what are window cleaners' financing? What is hot right now? While the needs are different for every customer, business owners are looking into leasing new waterfed poles, pure water systems, waterfed packages, and any supporting accessories they need to properly run their business as well as grow and succeed.


    Have you ever heard of the expression "Cash is King?" - it is so true! Save your precious cash flow for other areas of your business. Window Cleaning tends to be a seasonal business and this is especially true in the Winter. It's always good to keep cash flow open and available. You might be able to scrape together the funds but a big purchase will eat up a lot of capital and could leave your company in a bad position if an emergency pops up. Always be thinking ahead!

    Managing and conserving your cash flow easier is perhaps one of the most obvious reasons to take advantage of equipment financing. Instead of paying thousands of dollars upfront on pricey equipment, you can make fixed monthly payments. we talk to a lot of start-up window cleaners or "one-man shows" and there is nothing wrong with that but when a business is young conserving cash flow is very important because the future can be uncertain. Equipment financing allows you to keep cash on hand to cover any unexpected costs that can arise in your new window cleaning business.


    The tax benefits of leasing are HUGE and it keeps thousands of dollars from going to the government in taxes. Instead, that money stays in your business, under your control. All while you have a low monthly payment on the equipment you need to produce high cash flows and create huge ROI.

    Did you know you can deduct the full dollar amount of the equipment, even if you haven’t paid in full? One main tax advantage to equipment leasing is that you can write off the full amount of the window cleaning equipment without paying the full amount. So, the amount you save in taxes may actually end up exceeding the lease payments. For more information look up the Section 179 deduction or visit www.irs.gov.

    Of course, we recommend consulting your tax professional before making any decisions about equipment financing if you are solely looking to lower your tax bill.


    Not only is it easier to afford smaller, monthly payments but financing allows for easier cash forecasting and budgeting. What do we mean by that? The amount and term of the payments are predetermined. You know the monthly payment BEFORE you sign any documentation that binds you to the lease. This allows window cleaners to prepare accurate forecasts and budgets within their business. The beauty of a predetermined monthly amount give you flexibility and convenience as a business owner.

    In addition to easier budgeting, financing allows you to keep your bank lines of credit open and preserved. Our equipment financing is an additional source of financing that does not tie up or reduce lines of credit established at banks or other financial institutions.


    Get a new waterfed pole, system or package FAST! It's super easy to get your new waterfed equipment stress-free with no money upfront when you lease. In fact, it takes seconds to apply. Approvals are usually same day. We have set up this program so there is no upfront costs, no hassle and it is truly risk-free!

    How fast the process goes depends on how fast you get us the documents and sign the obligating agreement. If you are looking to speed things up there are a few things you can have ready: a photo ID (such as a driver's license), proof of business ownership, proof of address, etc. It is also a good idea to have in mind exactly what equipment you would like to purchase. Browse the products in the store or schedule a consultation to work with a product expert on what would be best for you and your company.

    Don't forget that we are here to help every step of the way!


    If you are worried about financing being too overwhelming or getting confused in the process, we are here to help. We have product experts on staff to help you every step of the way. Our staff can assist in helping you fill out the application, the documents needed as well as the equipment you need. Seriously, we will help with all of it!

    Keep in mind, simply filling out a Finance application and applying does not obligate you to anything. Applying will see if you are approved or denied. If approved, you'll find out how much you are approved for. All lease documentation and total payments are laid out to a customer before they sign. A product specialist will be there to answer any questions for you. You agree to the terms and then sign the documents. We walk you through the process step by step.


    For the past ten years, we have worked with finance companies like TimePayment, to provide funding for our customer's larger equipment purchases. It can be good for customers because they can get the equipment they need now and pay over time. However, the rates aren't often the best & it can often take a long time to fund. To combat this, we just introduced a new funding option for those looking to finance around between $1,000.00 & $3,000.00. We are currently accepting a limited amount of applications for our new equipment funding program.

    How does this differ from our traditional financing program?

    We're glad you asked! Some of the main differences include better rates as well as weekly payments instead of monthly payments. In addition, we are able to offer a 1 year pay off period as opposed to 3-5 years so if you are looking to pay your equipment off faster this may be the option for you.

    You can learn about our new Funding program here.


    Not only are small, monthly payments manageable and maintainable for our customers but you also enjoy "90 Days No Pay" and no down payment. The monthly payments allow you to use your equipment and make it work for you from day one. Another huge benefit is that these monthly payments are FIXED monthly payments. You know what you have to pay and that doesn't change. It is a huge relief to our customers.

    In addition, indidicuals are often wary of traditional loans that comes with hidden charges that are detailed in the fine print of the contract or documentation. Our equipment financing program is different and does not contain these pesky hidden charges. Everything is laid out for you and is completely transparent. You don't obligate yourself or sign anything until you are crystal clear and approve everything.


    Your interest rate on your equipment financing determines on your credit score. The higher your credit score, the better the interest rate. As we mentioned earlier, we can finance any purchase of $1,000 and greater. You can finance one item or multiple items as long as it is above $1000. Keep in mind though, we typically do not recommend low-cost financing for a small amount such as $1,000 – $2,000. The rates are not as good and you’ll end up paying double or more for cheaper products.

    Instead of spending a day (or weeks, let's be honest) Googling equipment loan interest rates that may or may not apply to you, take a minute to fill out an application and see how much you are approved for. Shopping around for the “best” rate, may save you $2 or $3 dollars a month but in the time you have taken to do it you may have probably dropped your credit score from the multiple inquiries to your credit. Not to mention, it can elongate the process and waste valuable time. That ultimately delays the equipment getting to you and the opportunity to make the make revenue up.

    We encourage customers not to look at financing from a purely “What’s the interest rate?” or “Where can I get the best rate?” angle.


    The window cleaning industry (much like any industry these days) is ever changing. New innovations and products are constantly hitting the shelves. With any industry, certain equipment will become obsolete in due time, it's just a fact. If your equipment needs a serious update, leasing is a great way to take the leap. Fortunately, equipment financing can allow you to get the latest window cleaning technology and equipment that you might not be able to afford to purchase outright. Whether you are upgrading for yourself or a team of employees we can help!

    We recently released the newest generation of XERO purification systems! Check out the XERO Pure, XERO Pure ATOM, and XERO Pure MAX.

    If you're looking for a single-user system, The XERO Pure would be the right fit for you. If you're limited on space in your vehicle, the ATOM would be the perfect upgrade! It's basically the XERO Pure, just cut in half to be small space accommodating. If you need to upgrade to a more powerful system to run more than one pole, the XERO Pure MAX is ready to be your work horse for those monster jobs. Whatever upgrade you need, we have you covered and are ready to help!


    For some reason, people tend to get easily overwhelmed or freaked out when the word "financing" comes into play. The process can not be any more straightforward or simple, to be honest. Let us explain!

    First, simply applying for financing DOES NOT obligate you to anything. Read that again. Applying and submitting a leasing application (which you do here) will simply see if you are approved and how much exactly you are approved for. All lease documentation and total payments are laid out for you BEFORE you sign any paperwork. You agree to the terms and then sign the documents. Signing the documents is what obligates you. We walk you through the process step by step and we explain everything.

    Another common question we get when people apply is whether it is a soft or hard check on your credit when you apply. Rest assured, when you fill out a leasing application, a soft credit check is done. This means it will not affect your credit score. Once you apply and are approved, there are certain documents we need, such as proof of your address and proof of your business and ownership. This is all very standard.