In House Funding

Why finance
through WCR?

If you're starting up your new business or need some new equipment for the season, financing can help alleviate the cost of the products you need right away! Financing your equipment with us gives you the opportunity to get approval quickly which means you can receive the products you need and get to your next job stress-free!

What should I know
before applying?

• We will be doing a soft credit check once you apply for our in-house funding. This won't affect your credit score.

• We do not charge early payment penalties. Leasing through other lenders could result in early payment fees. You can choose to pay this off quickly - so say goodbye to strict recurring monthly payments!

• When choosing to finance with us, you'll receive better rates and a percentage down payment to pay off faster. We offer shorter and more flexible payment plans as opposed to the usual 3 to 5-year terms.

• You'll be working with us directly as opposed to working with a bank. We'll always be here to help you! Just give us a call or shoot us an email.

• Financing through Window Cleaning Resource is strictly to provide customers with equipment and is not a direct transfer of funds.

• Special offers, promotions, or items on our Sale page are excluded from leases and not eligible. No exceptions. If you really want to take advantage of a special sale or promotion complete upfront payment is required.

Fill out the Instant application below if you'd like to finance with us!

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