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Regular price $12.99 USD
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About the XERO Pure Carbon Filter - 10 Inch

Make sure to pick up a new 10-inch XERO Pure Carbon Filter every 5,000 gallons or two months to keep it working as efficiently as possible. This filter comes in 10 inches with an outer diameter of 2.5 inches. It will fit perfectly in your XERO Pure. 

Manufacturer Part NumberHQCBC-10-5/NL

Questions & Answers

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  • Do these filters come with resin as well or do we purchas separately?

    Hi! If you are in need of a DI Cartridge with resin, you can grab a prefilled one HERE. If you already have a cartridge, you can get loose resin HERE. A Carbon filter does not come with resin.

  • Does this fit pure water power systems?

    Thanks for the question! Yes, this filter is compatible with any system that requires a 10" Carbon Filter.

  • This fits all xero pure systems including the Xero pure max right?

    This filter is compatible with the XERO Pure MAX.

  • Does this fit the original zero pure system?

    Yes, it is compatible.

  • Does this fit the Tucker Rival Carts?

    Yes, this is a compatible option

  • Does this fit a Xero JR.

    Yes it does!

  • Will this fit a zero pure revolution?


  • Are the precise dimensions 2.5" X 9.75"?

    Thanks for posting this question. Yes, those are the precise dimensions of the 10" carbon filter.

  • How many microns does this filter to? And is this the carbon/sediment filter meant for the Xero Pure 3 stage filtration system?

    Thanks for posting this question. This is a 5 micron carbon filter. This will remove chlorine and any sediment before the water gets to the RO membrane.

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