XERO Micro Waterfed Poles

The Xero Micro Series includes a compact range of water fed poles that are perfect for residential window cleaners. Dubbed the shortest/tallest available on the market, it stands at a mere 53 inches tall and extends to an astounding 30 actual working feet. Its compact stature makes it perfect for smaller work vehicles! It's super easy to add or drop sections. The clamps are bolted on and easily adjustable. In addition, each of the Xero Micros has a Xero Trad Pole nested inside so essentially you are getting two poles in one. With so many features this Residential Assassin is lightweight, rigid and handles like a dream on the job, a perfect addition to your arsenal.

Looking for a water fed pole built for commercial work? Check out the Xero Pro Series.

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The Xero Micro series is available in three different types of Carbon Fiber Poles according to your budget and needs. Choose from the Xero Micro (Red Label), Xero Micro 3K (Green Label), and the Xero Micro Gold (Gold Label). The World's most compact, TRUE 30-foot pole comes with everything you need including a standard angle adapter, a Tucker Black Hybrid Brush, and 40 feet of XERO Hose.

So what's the difference between the three Xero Micro Poles?

The Xero Micro (Red) is your standard Carbon Fiber pole. Super affordable but built with durable carbon fiber sections to keep it stiff and lightweight. Weighing in at just 5 pounds. Durable, bolted on clamps hold each section in place while you're working. This is an economical pole, priced affordably and is one of the most commonly sold Micros. Every other section of this pole will drop off. Each of the sections where it drops off is protected by a steel insert end defender. You can also add an extension onto this Micro to go to 40 feet or even a second extension to go to 50 feet.

The Xero Micro 3K (Green) features 3K High Modulous Carbon Fiber in a weave. This makes the Carbon Fiber stiffer with a more pleasing finish. This is a rugged and durable pole that is perfect for employees who tend to be rougher on their equipment. Bolted on clamps are simple to operate and maintain. You can easily take this 30 foot Micro to 40 or even 50 feet using Xero Extensions. Extremely durable, very well made and perfect for residential cleaning.

The Xero Micro Gold is the premium pole of the Xero Micro Series. SUPER light and stiff, weighing in at only 4 pounds. It is the stiffest version of this pole. Made of Ultra Hi-Modulus Carbon Fiber and starts at 30 feet. You can take this pole to 40, 50 or even 60 feet by simply adding extensions onto it. You can drop sections as well. Same bolted on and easy to adjust clamps. This is the perfect pole for owners/operators who need the best of the best.

Product NameWeightMaterialUser
XERO Micro Pole 5.13 Standard Carbon Fiber Affordable Employee
XERO Micro 3K Pole 5.21 3K Wrapped Hi-Mod Carbon Fiber Durable Employee
XERO Micro Gold Pole 4.06 UD Wrapped Ultra Hi-Mod Carbon Fiber Owner Operator
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