During the Construction process, windows get sprayed with all manner of stucco, paint, dust, and debris. Post Construction Window Cleaning requires skill, specialized tools, and greater attention to detail to handle.

Helpful Tips

  • Money Maker

    There is great money in Construction Clean-Up Window Cleaning. This could be a beneficial add-on service to add to your business. This clean-up process will take you longer than a normal window cleaning job but, you will be able to charge more.

  • More Involved Window Cleaning

    This will not be your typical window cleaning job. You will most likely need more than just your normal setup for this type of job. There is going to be more to clean off the window since you're going to be dealing with fabricating debris on the window, frame, and sill.

  • Dealing With Contractors

    Odds are you will not be the only service provider on the job site. You will have to work around other contractors, and also don't know how much care they took around the windows when working, which could make your job easier or harder.

  • Leads To Future Jobs

    Working with a variety of builders can potentially get you recommended for future construction clean-up jobs! If you do an amazing job, why not get a few other jobs out of it too?

Remember if you are going to use a razor blade or any abrasive always get a scratch waiver signed!

Download our waiver below

Dan Fields** dives into the basic problems cleaners can encounter when it comes to new construction window cleaning. See a demonstration by Dan himself as well as the use of chemicals, preferred tools, tips, and techniques. Learn about other procedures for removing stucco & paint from windows and frames as well as the best methods for cleaning them and leaving them clean without scratching the glass. Many other useful tips in this video as well

**All video footage belongs to Dan Fields. We thank him for educating the industry on the importance of this issue.

Helpful Tools and Equipment
For Construction Clean-Up

World Enterprises - Hold My Scraper Combo Front View

Handy when you need it and comfortable on your belt, the World Enterprises Hold My Scraper Combo will help remove those impossible sticky messes.

World Enterprises 6 Inch Scraper - Red

Remove stickers, adhesives, and more! Be sure the glass you're working on is safe to use scrapers before you begin. It has a comfortable handle, is lightweight, and has a safety cover that protects you and your scraper when it's not in use.

World Enterprises Scraper Replacement Blades - 6 Inch

Carbon steel, 6-inch replacement blades are extremely durable and come in a pack of 25. They come in a black plastic case that keeps the blades safe and stored away until you are ready to use them. The compact design of the case makes it easy to carry them anywhere. Just slide one out and replace it with the dull blade in your scraper.

Window Cleaner Leather Model 6

Made in-house from heavy-duty leather, the Model 6 by Window Cleaner Leather is a durable holster that will comfortably hold your scraper in place using a lock-in-place snap to prevent the scraper from falling out. Be sure to always keep the cover on the scraper when using this holster. Loop your belt through the holes and you are ready to go!

The Construction Clean Up Helper Kit will help rub out tough stains and break through those heavy-duty jobs. Customized by Alex of WCR, it comes complete with three different solutions for your cleaning needs, a 10 pack of Magic Erasers and 3 XERO Walnut Pads.

Titan Oil Flo Stain Remover - This stain remover is recommended for interior applications like flooring, adhesive removal, carpet cleaning, vehicle interiors, garages, etc. It will also help remove crayons, magic markers, tape and is safe to use on plexiglass. The benefits include low odor, a high flashpoint (over 141F), and biodegradability.

Titan Cement Off Titan Cement Off Solvent safely removes cement, concrete, stucco, and grout from glass, window frames, ceramic, wood, and other surfaces. It must be set for up to a half-hour to work to its full potential.

Titan Green Cleaner - Proven by millions of sales, this multipurpose cleaner is a super-strength concentrate with extraordinary cleaning and degreasing ability. It removes sun-baked grease and oil from glass, the toughest nicotine stains, fire and smoke stains on fireplace screens, baked grease from restaurant windows, fluorescent light reflectors, and lots more!

XERO Walnut Scrub Pad - This pad contains crushed walnut shells making it safe to use on surfaces where there is a concern of scratching. This 6-inch x 9-inch hand pad offers aggressive scrubbing power.

Magic Foam Eraser Sponge - Made from Melamine, these sponges feel super soft but a great abrasive for cleaning. Perfect for removing dirt and grime and trapping it in the sponge. Just add water and start cleaning. Each pad is approximately 5 x 2.5 x 1 inch.