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Titan Laboratories

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About the Titan Cement Off Solvent

Titan Cement Off is a solvent that removes cement, concrete, stucco, and grout from glass, window frames, ceramic, wood, and other surfaces safely. Cement Off is not harsh on your hands or surrounding areas. Cement Off must set for up to half an hour to work to its full potential.

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Manufacturer Part Number62012

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  • Can I use this to remove concrete on a marble statue without damaging the marble?

    Hey there! So we double checked directly with the manufacturer, and they said there is a small amount of ascetic acid which could etch natural stone. We would highly suggest testing a small area before a full application, but would still advise against using this on marble since it is porous in nature.

  • Will this damage aluminum? I haul dry cement and am wanting to use it to clean my dry bulk semi trailer

    While Titan Cement Off Solvent is advertised as being safe for metals, and vehicles, we always recommend testing a small inconspicuous spot for desired results.

  • Is this product safe to use on alucobond panels to remove concrete/cement splash from new sidewalk pour?

    This is safe for most surfaces, but we always recommend caution when testing on new surfaces. Test a small area before full application.

  • Can you use this to remove thinset from cement floors?

    No, it may damage the cement floor.

  • Will this product remove cement from bricks?

    It is not recommended for use on brick. Try soaking the concrete in hot soapy water then use a metal putty knife behind the splatter of concrete and pry it away from the surface.

  • Can I use this product on pavers to remove cement dust?

    We do not recommend it.

  • Can I use this to remove mud from a cement floor?

    No, it may damage the cement floor.

  • Is this product used straight or diluted with water?

    Directions for usage will be printed on the label. But i believe it is to be used at full strength.

  • Can I use Cement Off on my vehicle to remove concrete or will it damage my paint or clear coat? Thanks.

    I would not advise to use this on the paint of a vehicle.

  • Can this product be used to remove grout from ceramic tile? Will it harm the surface of a bathtub?

    Yes, this product is safe to use for grout on ceramic tiles. However, there are too many variables to completely answer your question since bathtubs can be made out of many different materials and not all would be safe to use this product on.

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