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About the XERO Walnut Scrub Pad

These scrub pads contain crushed walnut shells making it safe to use on surfaces where there is a concern of scratching. The XERO Walnut Scrub Pads are 6x9 hand pads that offer aggressive scrubbing power and are great to have in your arsenal.


Manufacturer Part Number510170

Questions & Answers

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  • I am allergic to the nut part of walnuts, Is this allergy friendly?

    This pad is constructed of polyester fibers and crushed walnut shells with water based resins. If allergies are a concern, we would suggest the XERO White Scrub Pad to exercise caution.

  • Can these be used on tempered glass?


  • Can I use this walnut pad or the white scrub pad on low E windows?

    Low E coating is normally on the inside of windows, and absolutely cannot be scrubbed with metals or scraped with razors. The white pad is the gentler option between the two, but we always suggest a scratch waiver be issued, and scrub at your own discretion.

  • Can I use this product to clean scrub windows?

    Absolutely! It is great for glass.

    Just don't use it on tinted windows.

  • hi does this pad fit the icp techno holder

    Hey Lance, this pad does indeed fit the IPC Technopad, however, you may need to trim it down because it is a bit long.

  • Is the Price for be walnut scrub pad based on just one pad or is it a package of several pads? And if you had to hazard a guess, how long would a pad last? I primarily do pressure washing and jobs revolving around that but have a very large commercial building that is about 40% windows. Just trying to plan on how many I should purchase. Thank you for your time

    Hi Grant, this will be one scrub pad per order. This should last you a pretty long time - some window cleaners don't flip the pad over until months have passed.

  • Will the walnut pad scratch tinted windows?

    We do not recommend the use of any abrasive on tinted windows.

  • Does the walnut pad fit on and work with the bronze wool pad holder?


  • How aggressive is this compared to the bronze wool and white pads?

    It is more aggressive. It will not scratch glass.

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