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About the XERO White Scrub Pad

The XERO White Scrub Pad is great for applying stain removal products. This 6-inch x 9-inch pad works excellently with a paste or powder. Best part is, it won't scratch glass!

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  • Are these safe for windows with film on them?

    Hi Jonathan, definitely avoid anything abrasive when cleaning windows with film on them. You want to use something like a microfiber towel or an all microfiber sleeve with NO porcupine needles, NO end scrubbers, NO abrasive pads. Anything abrasive, even something as soft as the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will damage the tint.

  • How thick is this pad?

    It is 0.375" thick.

  • What is the thickness of this paf.

    Hi Robert, they are 0.375" thick.

  • Are these safe to use on solar panels?

    Yes the white pad is safe on solar panels.

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