Water Fed Pole Brushes

Water Fed Pole Brushes available. We have all the watered brushes, parts, and accessories you need to get the job done, no matter how big or small. XERO Brushes come in nylon, hybrid, and boar's hair models. Or if you are looking for extra large brushes, check out Pure Water Power with sizes up to 23 inches. We also carry a wide array of brushes from your favorite manufacturers including Tucker, Unger, IPC Eagle, and more. Need help? Call us at 862-266-0677.


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There are lots of Water Fed Pole Brushes available on the market today. It can be overwhelming choosing a brush when you don’t understand the difference between the materials or maybe you don't know what would work best for the job at hand. Many of our customers utilize different Water Fed Brushes for various situations and applications. Below we will explain the different types of Water Fed Brushes available as well as the basic brush materials and the differences between them. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 862-266-0677 and one of our knowledgable product specialists can point you in the right direction!

Water Fed Brushes

Let's discuss the difference between pencil and fan jets as well as some brush tips and important terms.

Every water fed pole brush come with a set of jets, which allow water to spray onto the glass. Brushes can either come equipped with single jets or dual jets. A brush with single jets only has one pair of jets where a brush with dual jets has two pairs of jets. Makes sense, right? Now for the difference between the two. Pencil jets emit a small, circular jet of water while Fan jets emit a fine mist of water over a larger area. Depending on your application one may be more suitable than the other but both certainly have their advantages.

We highly encourage our customers to take proper care of their water fed brushes which will extend the life and performance of it. First, be sure to keep your brush clean. Leave your brush heads soaking in pure water overnight or between jobs. You should also consider the storage of your brushes. Consider storing your spare brushes in a toolbox, bucket, or other containment when not in use. It is best to make sure that they are laying flat with nothing pressing against the bristles. This ensures that the bristles do not get damaged.

There are two important terms to keep in mind when determining which brush to use to clean glass: Hydrophilic Glass and Hydrophobic Glass. Hydrophilic surfaces tend to become wet very easily and can maintain that wetness longer. Water will sheet on the glass and will come clean easily. Hydrophobic Glass, on the other hand, directly translates to “Fear of water”. Bad spotting is more likely with this type of glass. Water will bead and run off very quickly on these types of surfaces. Use fan jets on hydrophobic glass for more reliable rinse coverage.

Popular Water Fed Brushes

Choosing a waterfed brush is ultimately about preference but we do have a few popular brushes that customers seem to enjoy.

If you are looking for the ultimate waterfed pole brush, consider the Tucker Alpha Water Fed Brushes. These are a fantastic investment. No need to buy the accessories separately, this brush includes everything you need for the ultimate water fed brush. Tucker Alpha Brushes come in 12-inch and 18-inch sizes. You can choose different trim styles and color options as well. They also include four pencil jets internally plumbed and the Tucker Over The Top Rinse Bar and the Tucker Swivel Gooseneck.  Tucker also makes brushes for specific applications such as solar panel cleaning. Solar panel cleaners can check out the Tucker Alpha Phantom Brush.

Unger also makes some high-quality brushes! The Unger nlite Radius Brush, for example, is a lightweight brush with multiple jet locations for your water fed pole.  It has four locations for interchangeable jets which allow for multiple jets to be used at one time. Super handy with great scrubbing power! The fanned out bristles also allow for more coverage and are ideal for sill cleaning. The Unger Boars Hair Brush and the Unger Solar Radius Brush are also popular options!

IPC Eagle also carries high-quality brush options for professional window cleaners. The 14-inch IPC Eagle Speed Brush, for example, incorporates smaller bristles and will glide easier on the glass while still effectively cleaning. The dual jetted option is also available and comes standard with pencil and fan jets for better coverage on large panes of glass. These are a great option for hydrophobic glass.

*Photo by A.E.Mackintosh Cleaning Services @aemackintosh

Popular Water Fed Brush Accessories

The Tucker Over the Top Rinse Bar is a fan favorite! The lightweight, plastic Rinse Bar will mount to the block of your Tucker brush and deliver a steady stream of water over the brush. Perfect for fast and easy rinsing! It takes seconds to install too. The plastic Rinse Bars are available in green and black colors as well as 12 and 18-inches. Shop a variety of water fed pole brush accessories here at WCR!

The Tucker Swivel Gooseneck is another great accessory for your brush. This tool allows you to have a swivel option on your brush rather than just a fixed angle. Makes your brush very versatile and takes seconds to install. In addition, It is easy to add or remove tension so you can set your desired swivel action. Easily adjust the resistance of the swivel at any time! This accessory will fit the 12-Inch and 18-Inch Tucker brush models.

The XERO Multi Tool/Bronze Wool Pad Holder Kit is also a very popular accessory! Great for those stubborn spots! It has been designed to fit in a standard angle adapter in most standard water fed poles on the market. Definite time saver! This comes in a mini and large version depending on the types of jobs you will be doing.

The Uni-Valve from Exceed is the ultimate water fed pole in line, on/off valve and is also a popular seller. This works with water fed poles that have internal tubing. This tool is non-intrusive and no permanent modifications to your pole are necessary at all. It's also very easy to operate and install, a great add-on for those concerned with water conservation on the job. To use the Uni-Valve, just tug on the tubing at the bottom of the pole to start the flow of water. To stop the flow of water, simply tug on the tubing at the bottom of the pole. Easy as that!

We carry all the BEST brands

Window Cleaning Resource carries all of the best water fed pole brush brands! Most customers own a variety of different brushes for different types of jobs. Whether you need a new waterfed pole brush for yourself or your employees or are just looking to upgrade your current brush, we have you covered! We also carry a great selection of waterfed equipment in general: waterfed poles, purification systems, complete packages, etc.

Not sure which waterfed brush is right for you? Let us help! With so many brands and materials to choose from it's not always an easy decision. Contact one of our helpful product specialists at 862-266-0677 or chat with us in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. We also carry waterfed accessories for your brush. Shop for goosenecks, add on accessories, replacements parts and so much more:

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