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About the Tucker Alpha Phantom Brush

Solar Panel Cleaners rejoice! Now you can take advantage of the amazing Tucker Alpha Brushes with this Phantom brush. Dirty solar panels have been loathing the day this would be created.

The aggressive scrubbing power of the boar's hair bristles is perfectly paired with the glide of the inner nylon bristles. The dual trim design allows the boar's hair to splay across the surface removing grime with the inner bristles stay stiff for amazing scrubbing. Four built-in pencil jets blast away dirt while you scrub.

These brushes are outfitted with the Alpha set-up that includes the swivel for maneuvering from side to side and the rinse bar for a faster rinse.

Use this with pure water to tackle gross windows that need a more aggressive brush. This moves easier than a full boar's hair, and it doesn't get as heavy!

Comes in a 12-inch or 18-inch size. Size measured by width of bristles, not block length. Block length is 10-inches. Includes fittings to hook up to your waterfed pole.



Ask a Question
  • Does this come with fan or pencil jets?

    Hi Jarel, this brush comes with four built-in pencil jets.

  • Im new to window cleaning, will this fit the XERO Destroyer

    Hi Jason, yes it will!

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