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Regular price $46.69 USD
Regular price $46.69 USD Sale price $46.69 USD
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Free Shipping on orders over $49
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About the Tucker Over the Top Rinse Bar

The Tucker Rinse Bar is designed to fit on Tucker brushes. This rinse bar will mount to the block of the brush and deliver a steady stream of water over the brush making rinsing fast and easy! This is a great add-on for your brush, made of lightweight plastic, and only takes seconds to install.

Style may vary slightly.

Actual Size of Rinse Bar (length)

Brush Block Size (length)

Total Brush Size with Bristle Flare (length)
12-Inch Rinse Bar 9 ⅝” 10” 12”
18-Inch Rinse Bar 15 ⅜” 16” 18”

Questions & Answers

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  • Is this compatible with the Xero Boars hair brush ?

    This is a compatible option, just double check your brush size! Brush size is measured by the full splay of the bristles.

  • Where can I get the threaded pieces that go into the ends?

    Hi Doug, unfortunately at this time, we do not offer those pieces.

  • My old aluminum rinse bars seem to measure 10". I need to buy two replacements (actually for xero poles so I'm sure they are tucker brushes but they look like it). All I see for sale are 12" or 15" bars. Is the 12" the one I need or is it actually bigger than the old tucker rinse bars?

    The XERO poles do feature a Tucker Brush. The actual block of the brush is approximately 10-inches in length. The 12-inch rinse bar actually measures 9 5/8-inches. We represent it as a 12 inch according to the actual brush size in total with bristle flare. To answer your question, if you have a 10-inch block on your brush, the 12-inch rinse bar is the one you want to get.

  • What is the minimum water pressure needed for this rinse bar to work effectively?

    The minimum water pressure needed is 40 psi.

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