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About the XERO Multi Tool/Bronze Wool Pad Holder Kit

Get cleaner windows with the flip of your water fed pole. Instead of struggling to scrub away bird droppings with your brush, attach this DA Components Multi Tool Bronze Wool Pad Holder to your angle adapter and always have it available for extra aggressive scrubbing. The bronze wool pad is perfect for cleaning windows since it is soft enough to not scratch glass.

There is a socket and a longer bolt to join this to the angle adapter on your water fed pole. It's easy to put change pads with simple wing nuts that screw down to hold them in place. This kit includes a 50mm stainless steel bolt, a socket with Euro threads, stainless steel screws, washers, wingnuts, and one bronze wool pad.

Be sure to grab some extra pads to always have this ready. White scrub pads, steel wool pads, and walnut pads all attach the same and are great abrasives. Save time with this handy attachment that will help you clean glass and frames. Choose from two sizes of either 9 inches or 4.5 inches!


  • Comes in two sizes
  • Attaches to your Water Fed Pole Angle Adapter
  • Comes with a Bronze Wool Pad
  • Also accepts Steel Wool, Walnut, and White Scrub Pads

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  • 2 questions. First can you attach another type of abrasive to it (I see that window cleaning resource doesn't have any bronze wool right now)? Second, is this compatible with the Xero Nano?

    1. Yes, you can also use steel wool pads, walnut pads, and white pads 2. Yes this works with the XERO Nano

  • Could I possibly use with an extension pole and not a waterfed pole?

    You could use on extension pole if using the Ettore Standard Angle Adapter. However, that adapter will only fit on Garelick and Ettore poles.

  • If I'm looking to purchase the XERO Pro Basic Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole - Does this just simply attach to that pole? Are there any additional items I would need to purchase? Thank you

    The bronze wool kit will have a fitting that sandwiches between the 2 pieces of your angle adapter. You'll want extra 6x9 pads.

  • Is the 6x9 pad used for both sizes, the mini and large?

    Use the 4x9 pad for the mini. Some trimming may be needed.

  • You have two sizes ,mini and large ,how wide is the large,how wide is the much are xtra pads?

    The large pad is 9" and the mini pad is 4.5". The extra pads start at $4.99.

  • What size of bronze pad that fits this attachment? I have bought 3 wrong difference sizes. Thanks.

    You want the 6x9 pad for the large and 4x9 pad for the mini.

  • Bonjour ! Est-ce que ce kit porte tampon en laine Xero est compatible avec les perches Unger en fibre de verre? (Hello ! Is this Xero wool pad holder kit compatible with Unger fiberglass poles?)

    No it isn't.

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