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About the Tucker Alpha Brush

Get rid of boring water fed brushes. Check out our Tucker Hybrid Alpha brush, available in different colors and configurations to fit your needs.

There's a good reason why Tucker brushes are an industry favorite. They feature a 10" block, durable dual trim bristles making the brush a total of 12" in length, and two jets for blasting away grime. You get the best of both worlds with shorter boars hair bristles and longer nylon bristles. The boar's hair provides excellent scrubbing while the nylon bristles keep the brush gliding smoothly. They splay out to efficiently reach every edge and corner. With the pencil jets internally plumbed, the brush can agitate dirt and grime off surfaces.

Give your hybrid brush a little boost by picking the top rinse bar configuration. The Tucker Rinse Bar gives you a stream of water the length of your brush so you’ll cover more surface area, and your dirty brush won’t need to touch the newly cleaned window, giving you a perfectly spotless finish.

The Tucker Alpha configuration allows you to be at the top of your water-fed cleaning game. Our Alpha brushes offer both the rinse bar and a swivel. The Swivel Gooseneck provides a full side-to-side sweeping motion as you clean windows while keeping your brush on the glass at all times.

The standard Tucker brush comes equipped with Euro threading that is perfect for poles using a Euro tip and a standard angle adapter. If you have a newer XERO Pole with the Fast Lock System, then you'll want to upgrade to the Fast Lock Adapter. The Fast Lock makes for a more solid connection and changing out brushes absolutely seamless. The square end locks into the square brush socket and a spring-loaded button keeps everything secure. Simply push the button, remove the brush, and swap it with a new one. Then, click it into place.

If your pole uses the Euro Thread tip, don't worry, you can upgrade to the XERO Fast Lock System!

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  • Does this brush come with pencil or fan jets? I want the alpha hybrid brush with the fan jets but I dont see that specified.

    Yes, it comes with 4 pencil jets.

  • What is the best way to clean these brushes?

    We suggest letting it soak in hot water

  • Are there advantages of the boars hair over nylon or are they to be used in different applications? Also what differences do the pencil jets provide over the rinse bar?

    Boars hair will give a better scrub than nylon and the pencil jets will shoot farther and harder than a rinse bar.

  • Can it be used with a Xero pole? I have the M9.

    Yes it can.

  • Why does the brush NOT have more boar hair bristles on the edges? Seems like if you only had two pencil jets there could be more boar hair there. Looks like my brushes are thinning in that spot.

    If you are unsatisfied or have questions on a product feel free to reach out to us and you can speak to one of our product specialists.

  • Will tucker brushes thread onto any water fed pole? I have a couple of different poles, just curious if there’s a standard thread size. Thanks

    They will thread onto any euro thread male adapter.

  • Does the rinse bar have a separate on/off switch(for lack of a better term) from the two jet sprayers? In other words can I have the jet sprayers ONLY going to clean the window and then turn them off and turn the rinse bar on ONLY to rinse the window? Thanks.

    Thanks for posting this question. No, there is nothing specific but you can make something with an in-line valve. Most simply run the rinse bar vs. the jets in the brush. If you don't have great pressure, the jets in the brush are a better option but if you have the pressure just run the rinse bar. Hope this helps.

  • What size is the brush?

    This is a standard 12" brush.

  • I’m looking for a rinse bar for this brush.. it’s a little over 10 inches wide and I can only find 12 inch rinse bars from tucker

    Here is the rinse bar compatible with this brush and ALL Tucker brushes. The brushes are all rated at 12", even though the actual measurement is a little less. Search "over the top rinse"

  • Is the rinse bar plastic?


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