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About the Tucker Alpha Brush

The Tucker Alpha Brush is the ultimate in waterfed brushes. The brush includes a 10" block, jets internally plumbed for rinse inside the bristles as well as a lightweight plastic rinse bar. The bristles added to the 10" block makes the brush 12" in total. You have the option of rinsing inside the bristles or using the over the top with the rinse bar. The brush comes on a swivel gooseneck giving you maximum flexibility on the job.

The Alpha Brush is available in boar's hair bristles, nylon, or hybrid (a combination of nylon and boar's bristle). The Over the Top Rinse Bar and Tucker Gooseneck are also available by themselves. You can get a 12 inch Hybrid Version here.

Size measured by width of bristles, not block length.

Fittings on brush may vary.

T-12Alpha-DT T-12Alpha-HY T-12Alpha-BB T-18ALPHA-DT-XL T-18ALPHA-HY T-18Alpha-BB
Manufacturer Part NumberT-12Alpha-DT


Ask a Question
  • Is this compatible with the Pure Water set up?

    Yes, these are compatible. For more information, give us a call at 862-266-0677

  • I have xero water fed pole is it compatible?

    Yes, Tucker Brushes are compatable with XERO water fed poles.

  • Can this be used on a unger nlite setup ?

    Unfortunately they are not compatible. We would suggest giving us a call at 862-266-0677 to be put in touch with a product specialist to make sure you get the correct equipment.

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