How do you clean windows that are high up?

How do you clean windows that are high up?

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How do you clean windows that are high up?

Skyscrapers, mansions, and even second-story windows - we’ve all had moments when we’ve looked up and asked, how on Earth would you clean that? Well, there are two main ways: Option A: We’ve seen window cleaners scale buildings attached to a rope and harness, sometimes dressed as a certain web-slinging superhero, but we know that this role is not for everyone - especially the faint of heart. So, for the window cleaners who prefer to have both feet on the ground, how on Earth can you clean those high-up windows? Cue option B: the wonders of water-fed window cleaning! Water-fed window cleaning allows you to clean windows up to 90 feet above the ground, without the risk that scaling a building involves. For traditional window cleaners, this skill is easily attained, as it involves many of the same motions you would use working with a complete scrubber on an extension pole. Water-fed window cleaning utilizes a different set of tools, which saves you time and makes you a more versatile window cleaner. With the knowledge of cleaning via water fed, more job options become available to you, too. So, once you’ve got your water-fed set up to put together, you’ll be gaining new customers and jobs in no time! Oh, the places you’ll go, the clients you’ll gain, and the heights you will dominate, all while your feet are firmly planted with water-fed window cleaning. Let’s dive into the tools and practices that you’ll need to upgrade your game.

Water Fed Poles

When searching for the right water-fed pole, there are many factors to keep in mind, such as length, weight, type, material, and cost. This is a great time to call (862) 266-0677 and speak with a window cleaning product expert for help. But here and now, we’ll give you a run-down on some of the poles we offer so you can gain an idea of what may be best for you and your crew! Water-fed poles usually exist within two category types: Telescopic and Modular Scopic.
  • Telescopic pole sections fit inside one another, open by clamp, and extend by adding a section to gain height. They’re typically lower in cost, available in a wide variety of materials, and on some models, or the XERO M9 WFP, which is best for entry-level work, as it extends to 21 feet.
  • Modular Scopic pole sections fit inside one another like telescopic poles, but what makes modular scopic poles stand out is that sections can always be added or removed to achieve your optimal length. Typically, modular scopic poles are higher in cost, but this is because they are usually constructed with Carbon Fiber, which is a sought-after, extremely durable material, that will last you for years to come. An example of a telescopic pole is the XERO Pro Basic Carbon Fiber WFP, which comes in 30, 40, or 50 feet
Other materials include aluminum or a hybrid blend, but these materials are not all created equal. Aluminum will be your entry-level water-fed pole material type, such as the Unger nLite Aluminum Water Fed Pole, as they will be the most affordable. But, they are the heaviest pole option, which may cause strain on your body over time. Hybrid poles, such as the Tucker Junior Hybrid Pole, constructed of fiberglass and carbon fiber, are rigid and lightweight, and also a great choice and more affordable option for the window cleaner just starting out. If you are a window cleaner who is not just starting out, however, and want something heavier-duty that will last you for years to come, carbon fiber poles will be the poles for you!

Carbon Fiber

XERO has absolutely changed the game with their carbon fiber poles. Not only are they the most cost-effective on the market, but they are the sturdiest, lightest weight, and highest quality poles you can invest in. Not only will they outlast any other pole you could buy, but they have an amazing 3-year warranty, the Hi-Mods a 2-year warranty, no questions asked. XERO has also considered water-fed pole types for every type of window cleaner: residential, storefront, and high-reach commercial. For the compact residential window cleaner, XERO offers the XERO Micro Basic and the XERO Micro Ultra Light High Mod. These poles are great for tackling customer homes and even some storefronts. In addition, if you’re looking to heighten your abilities, you can add sections to the XERO Micro Ultra Light High Mod and reach up to 60 feet. XERO also offers mid-reach commercial carbon fiber poles, such as the XERO Pro Basic Carbon Fiber reaching up to 50 feet, and the XERO Pro Ultra Light High Mod, which can be either telescopic up to 50 feet, or modular scopic up to 60 feet. XERO’s high-reach commercial beast of a pole is the XERO Destroyer, which can reach up to 90 feet. Also coming in a smaller size for residential or mid-reach commercial, the XERO Micro Destroyer, is the heaviest-duty pole on the XERO line, featuring thicker walls for an indestructible pole.

Purification Systems

Purification systems are a necessary asset when it comes to water-fed window cleaning. They are easy to transport and deliver spot-free results, leaving your customers thrilled with your hard work. When finding which water purification system would work best for you, it is important to know that the one thing that these systems do is remove TDS, or Total Dissolved Solids, which are the minerals from the water. The system you decide to purchase depends greatly on the TDS reading in your local area’s water. For low reading TDS, there are single stage systems, and for high reading TDS, multi-stage systems. Single-Stage Systems Having a TDS Meter handy will help you measure the number of minerals in the water from the source and the system to ensure you have pure water. When your TDS meter reads a level of 48-50, a low-read, you would require only a Single Stage Purification System, such as the XERO DI System or the Unger HydroPower. These budget-friendly systems are easy to run, simple to set up, and best for soft water or the infrequent user. If your TDS is higher than 100 or you’re a frequent user of these purification systems, you’ll want to invest in a multi-stage system. If you think a single-stage system sounds like it would be best for you, check out the XERO DI Package. It’s already pieced together for you and ready to use! Just choose the setup that best suits your needs on the product’s page. This package includes a DI system of your choosing, a XERO water-fed pole, and provides options of the pole length, all the way up to 60 feet. Multi-Stage or RO/DI Systems When it comes to pure water window cleaning, XERO has created an outstanding line of multi-stage systems. These systems handle both hard and soft water and are suitable for daily use. Multi-stage systems are usually composed of three types of filtration: Carbon filter, RO filter, then the DI filter. Each filter especially cycles through different levels and sizes of TDS. Your RO filter, or reverse osmosis filter, will be the most vigorous aspect of this 3-part system, and only needs replacing every 3-4 years. The carbon filter, generally located on the back of the machine, needs replacing every 4-to 8 weeks, especially if you’re a heavy user. The most affordable option is the XERO Pure Revolution. This is 3-stage pure water filtration system is great for a beginner, commercial, or residential window cleaner. The XPR can be transported laying down or upright, but we recommend transporting and using it laying down to prevent it from tipping over. Just hook up this system to your water source, and you’ll have about half a gallon of pure water per minute. If you’re looking to provide pure water to two poles, or more pressure to your high-reaching pole, there’s an advantage of owning the dual RO membrane unit XERO Pure Revolution MAX. This 4-stage system allows more water to come out of the system at about 1 gallon per minute. The bottom of the system feeds the pure water from the membranes back into a 10-inch refillable DI cartridge, giving you pure water to leave a spotless shine. If you need something a bit more compact, the XERO Pure Revolution ATOM will be your mid-sized car’s best friend! This dual system has everything that the XERO Pure Revolution has to offer, just in a compact size which is perfect for transporting if you have a smaller vehicle. Need more water pressure for your single or multi-stage systems? Add a pump! XERO offers a 2-year warranty on all systems, excluding all filters, and makes sure you are covered if anything happens to your system. Delivery Systems Sometimes, there will be jobs that won’t have a proper water source, such as new construction, some storefronts, or even a solar field. Luckily, for these types of scenarios, a delivery system makes you a very sought-after window cleaner. By utilizing a delivery system, you’ll be able to bring already purified water straight to your job site. You can keep the water in your truck by using systems such as the RHG Fill N’ Go Delivery System. This delivery system in particular holds 50 gallons of water that you can purify at home and transport in your vehicle to the job site. This investment is very handy, especially if you want to gain traction cleaning solar fields or even new installations on people’s homes.

Want to learn more?

Now that you’ve touched on some of our great water-fed window cleaning products, you’re probably excited to do some research of your own to see what’s best for you and your crew! But, you may still have some questions in your mind about the differences, similarities, and unique aspects of each product. If you do, don’t sweat it! If there is ever anything you’re unsure about, want to learn more about, or need advice for, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Window Cleaning Resource is here for you 24/7, with the help of our super-friendly window cleaning experts. Having owned their own window cleaning business, too, they have tons of information on window cleaning products, business tips, and more are here even if you want to just talk shop. This equipment and HUNDREDS more products can be discovered on our fantastic Window Cleaning Resource platforms! For product reviews, discussions, information, and more: Check out our informative YouTube Channel Get advice, share tips, or just talk shop on our Window Cleaning Community Page Shop professional-grade window cleaning chemicals and more at WCR! And most importantly - get out there, believe in yourself, work hard, and don’t forget - the rewards of this career are bountiful - so, have fun! Talk to you soon! From, Your friendly professionals at Window Cleaning Resource Window Cleaning Resource How Can We Help You Today?
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