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XERO Systems Warranty

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About the XERO DI System

Now you can create pure water with the XERO DI System. Designed for someone looking to use pure water occasionally or for someone looking to invest only a small amount of money into pure water cleaning to ensure it is right for your business. Choose from the XERO DI One or XERO DI Two to fit your window cleaning needs.

These systems are perfect for areas with soft water, typically under 100ppm. They come standard with solid brass fittings and with resin already installed. Refillable, non-proprietary and affordable filter changes allow you to continue using them to clean windows. It features faster and easier resin changes than a standard DI tank.

The DI One uses just under 1/4 cubic foot of DI resin and the DI Two uses just under 1/2 cubic foot.



  • Create pure water
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for soft water areas
  • Comes with resin already installed
  • Refillable, affordable filter changes
  • Faster and easier resin changes than standard DI tanks


  • TDS Meter
  • Lube
  • Owner's Manual
  • Filter Wrench

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  • What filters fit on the inside

    This would be a good replacement:

  • Can these filters be operated on their sides?

    It is not recommended that they operate on their side.

  • I made my own Waterfed pole last year. Does the single DI tank have the garden hose attachment on both sides going in to the system and then going out? This is what I would need.

    Hi Logan, yes it does!

  • Can either the double or the single DI only package Drive two water fed poles under 30’ height? Would a booster pump change that answer?

    To update the initial answer: Yes, it is possible to utilize a garden hose splitter and run 2 poles 30 feet.

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