• XERO Pure

  • After almost a decade of being in the field and receiving real-life feedback about XERO systems, we've made some changes to give you a better, more affordable system. The XERO Pure is perfect for beginner waterfed window cleaners. This three-stage purification system will get you flawless results while keeping costs low with its minimal design.

    This system is built in-house! Hand-assembled, quality-tested, and packed up so it's ready to roll when it gets to your door. This durable and lightweight system makes it easy to move around the job site. It's only 51lbs, so it's easy to lift in and out of your vehicle. You can use it standing up or laying down, whichever is suitable for your needs! This system allows you to power one pole, no pump needed, when you don't have access to a site.

  • How does it work?

    There are three stages of purification in this system. They include CarbonRO (Reverse Osmosis), and DI (Deionization).

    In the first stage, water enters the carbon filter. Large fragments are removed before the water enters the RO membrane. The RO does the big part, removing contaminants, sediments, etc. The last stage of filtration is when the water finally reaches the DI housing. It's like putting the final touches on to ensure its TDS is below 10ppm.

    Once your resin is spent, you can easily switch it out. One of the highlights of this system is the non-proprietary filters. It keeps things cost-effective and even better, you can use any replacement that fits the system bought at your favorite supplier.

    Note: Make sure your XERO Pure is always working at its best! Keep up on regular filter changes, this will add some longevity to your RO Membrane!

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    An affordable option for creating pure water! This resin purifies water so you can achieve flawless, spot-free windows.

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