Xero Pure Upgrades

  • 110 Volt
    Booster Pump

    Need a pump option for your Xero Pure? This pump delivers 100psi and 5gpm and comes with a 6′ GFCI protected power cord. This unit is mounted to a light weight aluminum carrying caddy.  Transport and set up is easy. This pump is ideal for boosting pressure on an RO/DI system (like the Xero Pure) when either the inlet pressure is too weak or the user needs to run more tubing out of the system.

  • Tucker 110v
    Booster System

    There's nothing more frustrating than getting set up for job and realizing you have awful water pressure. This handy little booster pump from Tucker plugs into an electrical outlet on the job site and instantly gives you extra pressure. This pump produces 110 PSI so you can operate over 40' or with multiple operators on one system.

  • 110 Volt Wayne
    Utility Booster Pump

    The third pump option is the 110 volt booster pump! It’s easy to use and can be added in line with a pump-less pure water system to increase the water pressure by 40psi. Made of cast iron and the pump has rubber impellers. Adding this booster pump will increase low pressure by 40psi allowing you to reach 3 – 4 stories with a water fed pole. Includes garden hose threads for hook up.

  • 50′ Hose For Xero Pure

    Another upgrade for your Xero Pure System is 50′ of high-quality hose for your Xero Pure. Always carry replacement hose on you! This hose is light, moves well around landscaping with no damage and is easy to roll by hand or reel. Almost impossible to kink!

  • XERO HD 150 Reels

    Sick of coiling up your hose in the customers driveway? We totally get it. This new XERO Hose Reel looks so much more professional. It's made of durable steel which is going to last for many years so it's sturdy, heavy duty and a great long-term solution. Preloaded with 150 feet of XERO Hose.

  • Xero Outlet
    Quick Connect

    This is one of those small items that will come in handy when dealing with your Xero Pure system. An inexpensive but handy upgrade option! The Xero Outlet Quick Connect ships free and is made for use with your Xero Pure machine. Replacement parts always available!