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Professional Window Cleaning System

The XERO Pure Window Cleaning system. Americas Most Popular Water Fed Pole Purification System. Manufactured in the USA by IPC for Window Cleaning Resource. Three stages of filtration ensure spot free results every time.

The XERO Pure is super simple. Just plug in your garden hose and get to work. The unique 3 flow design allows you to operate without a pump. Runs in RO/ DI mode, RO only mode or DI only mode. Simple bypass valve lets you change modes on the fly, no special tools required.

  • Built With The
    Window Cleaner In Mind

    • 3 Stages Of Purification
    • Non-Proprietary Replacement filters
    • Beautiful all the way around
    • Made by IPC in the USA
    • Works Laying Down Or Standing Up
    • Light Weight & Portable
    • Convenient Safety Mounts
    • Stainless Steel Housing
    • All brass fittings
    • High-Quality Hoses
    • Auto Balance
    • Auto Flush
    • 3 Modes of operation
    • No Pump Needed
    • No Electricity Needed

Ultra Premium High-Quality Design

The XERO Pure is the every man’s system. If you were going to build a dream pure water system with just the right features, this is what you would build. The XERO Pure does not lock you into to proprietary filters. You can pick up replacement filters and resin online from us or somewhere local to you.

Made In The USA!

Built and manufactured in Eagen Minnesota USA. Made with American materials by professional American manufacturers. Your purchase of the XERO Pure helps support and maintain American jobs and manufacturing. America thanks you, and so do we.

Made With The Highest Quality Parts

Breaking down on the job site sucks. We used the highest quality materials to be sure that doesn’t happen to you.Could we make the XERO Pure cheaper by using lesser quality parts? Sure of course. We could load it up with plastic parts and fittings and bring the cost down. Are we willing to do that? Heck NO! The best after-sale support is NO after sale support needed. Of course, we are here if you need anything but the beauty of the XERO Pure is you won’t need any.

Built so well the XERO Pure system works flawlessly. It just works. Plug in and go, there is hardly ever any maintenance required.

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Made By IPC

IPC Eagles doesn’t screw around. They have been producing high-quality equipment for the cleaning industry for over 20 years. IPC Eagle is one of the most trusted names in manufacturing. Creators of the modern day on demand pure water window cleaning systems over 15 years ago. They produce floor cleaners, janitorial equipment, and other private label products for window cleaners.

Places We Could Cheap Out But Don’t

The XERO Pure is the every man’s system. If you were going to build a dream pure water system with just the right features, this is what you would build. The XERO Pure does not lock you into to proprietary filters. You can pick up replacement filters and resin online from us or somewhere local to you.

Stainless Steel

The RO Membrane tube is stainless steel while most other systems use PVC plastic.

All Brass Fittings

We could have lowered the cost by using plastic fittings throughout instead of brass. But brass lasts longer and doesn’t leak over time like plastic does. Built to last. The XERO Pure window cleaning cart achieves the pinnacle of pure water performance.

High-Quality Hoses

The absolute highest quality hose available. Leaks waste water and time. We want to be sure you use every available second to make money with your pure water window cleaning system. Not waste it away with constant repairs and adjustments.

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It Just Works

Works Laying Down

Operate the XERO Pure standing up or laying down. Some window cleaners take it out of the vehicle at each job site others leave it in. The system will function the same either way. Some users have even mounted it to the wall of their vehicle or back at the shop.

Convenient Safety Mounts

The base plate of the XERO Pure come pre-drilled with safety anchor points. You can use these points to strap down the unit in transport or to fasten the unit to the floor of your vehicle. The mounting plate and frame are made of high quality steel.

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Light Weight & Portable

Weighing about 70 pounds dry the unit moves easily in and out of your vehicle. The light weight high-quality design makes the XERO Pure a breeze to move around the job site.

Smart On The Inside

Could you piece together a similar looking system by sourcing the parts? Sure you could build one that looks similar. It’s common for window cleaners to look at the simple design of the XERO pure and think hmm I could make that.

BUT the problem is it wouldn’t come close to performing the same. The real beauty of the XERO Pure is on the inside, and that’s the secret to its incredible performance.

  • Auto Balance

    Most pure water systems use a part called a “Waste Water Valve.” The valve is intended for the operator to control the flow of water as conditions change. The problem is it’s difficult for a human operator to know what the correct flow for your membrane is. With conditions that vary from job site to job site, it’s impossible to predict the right flow. RO Membranes were not designed to work this way. Doing so reduces the lifespan of your membrane driving the replacement frequency and cost up.

    Manual valves don’t work well. Because of that, the XERO Pure does not use one. XERO Pure uses an automatic flow regulating device. This unique method helps ensure that your membrane functions as the manufacturer intended. The key is that it always provides the correct ratio of waste water to pure water. There is no need for constant on-site adjustments and tweaks.

  • Auto Flush

    Most systems don’t Auto Flush. The XERO pure does. To protect and preserve the life of your RO membrane it is critical to flush your system often. The flushing process removes the solids from the membrane that it just removed from the water. The problem is that’s one more thing you or an employee can forget to do. Before you know it the most expensive replacement part on your system gets damaged.

    XERO Pure owners enjoy “Auto-Flush.” Every time you stop the flow of water to your pole the RO Membrane Auto Flushes. The auto flush happens when you pinch you hose, tug on your UniValve or simply turn the water off. While this sounds like a small detail, I promise you it’s a big deal. Preserving your RO membrane saves money and helps to ensure no down time.

3 Stages of Purification

Your new XERO Pure comes equipped with 3 stages of filtration

  • Carbon & Sediment Filter
  • RO – Reverse Osmosis Filter/Membrane
  • DI – Deionization Resin

Non-Proprietary Replacement Filters

The XERO Pure is the every man’s system. If you were going to build a dream pure water system with just the right features, this is what you would build. The XERO Pure does not lock you into to proprietary filters. You can pick up replacement filters and resin online from us or somewhere local to you.

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  • DI Resin

    The Deionization Resin in your XERO Pure does the lightest work. The final step in getting your water ready to clean glass. You can pick up resin locally, or from us. Average replacement cost is about $65. The frequency of replacement depends entirely on the TDS of your incoming water and frequency of use.

    Use this chart: IMAGE to determine roughly how long your DI Resin will last.

    If you are not sure what your incoming water quality is, check it with the TDS meter, that comes with your XERO Pure. You can also visit https://windowcleaner.com/pages/tds to get an idea of what the water quality in your area is. Just type in your zip code, and it will give you a close reading of your local water quality.

  • RO membrane

    With proper care, your RO membrane will last four years. The RO does the hard work. The reverse osmosis membranes chief function is to extend the life of your DI resin. By lowering the TDS reading of your incoming water it extends the life of your DI. When it starts to fail, we can replace it for you or even clean it. Replacements RO membranes sell online for about 400 dollars. We carry replacement membranes, or you could have it cleaned by us for 1/2 the cost of a new one.

  • Carbon Filters

    Of course, we sell them, but you can also get them anywhere else. The carbon filter in your system helps protect the RO membrane from harmful impurities. Pick them up from a big box store or online. You can find carbon filters for as little as $7 bucks. Replace every 2 months.

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3 Modes Of Operation


The default mode your XERO Pure. Water comes into the Carbon filter, flows through the RO Membrane then pushes into your DI vessel. You would operate the XERO Pure in this mode during normal operating conditions.


DI Only

Let’s say you get to a job site that has low water pressure. A BIG problem for most systems. You would have to use a booster pump or not use your system at all. When water pushes through an RO membrane, you lose a lot of pressure. The XERO Pure allows you to bypass your RO membrane and work straight through your DI filter. Running through just DI is no problem even in very low water pressure situations. Operating in DI only mode will cause you to use up a little bit more resin than normal. BUT it will have allowed you to get the job done.


RO Only

The most affordable mode of operation. Just like you can switch to DI only if you encounter low pressure you can do the same with RO. If you are in a softer water area and you experience low-pressure flip to RO only mode. Perfect for low-pressure areas with soft water.  Or for situations where spot free results are not needed. Think solar panel cleaning or glass pre-scrubs. If your incoming TDS is very low save your resin and check out RO only mode. A surprising and effective way to lower your operating costs.


No Extras Needed

Built to be a no frills system. The XERO Pure runs effortlessly without the need for extras. No Gauges, one Valve and No meters needed. Gauges and meters sound tempting on a Pure Water System. BUT the problem is they break and become unreliable. Worse yet they help kill the flow of water through the filters. Anything extra on the system degrades the flow of water to your water fed pole. Enjoy maximum flow and efficiency with the XERO Pure.

No Pump Needed

No pump required for standard one man operation. If you encounter a low water pressure on a job site switch from RO/DI, mode to DI only to boost your water pressure.

Although pumpless by nature, you can add one in the future if you want to operate two water fed poles at once.

No Electricity Needed

Plug a garden hose into the back of your XERO Pure and your water fed pole to the front, and you’re ready to work.

Comes With

  • The XERO Pure – Window Cleaners Water Purification System
  • Instruction manual
  • 50 Feet of high-quality 3/8″ hose
  • TDS meter
  • RO protect
  • Filter wrench & lubrication packet
  • Lifetime support
  • One Year Warranty

Was The Wash-iT

Since 2013

Although it has a new name the XERO Pure has been around for years. Created as a collaboration by Window Cleaning Resource and Future of Cleaning. Manufactured in America by IPC Eagle. Since 2013 the unit sold under the brand name Wash-iT.

HUGE Success

Overnight it became Americas highest rated on demand pure water window cleaning system. The Wash-iT was a hit. After the contract was up Window Cleaning Resource decided to continue production. Under the new brand name XERO Pure, the original Wash-iT Pro lives on.