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  • The Ultimate Commercial Kit
    Release Date: 8/28/2023

    Searching for the ideal water-fed package to handle a variety of commercial tasks, both big and small? The Ultimate Commercial Kit includes everything you need to get the job done successfully. While comprised of over 15 thoughtfully selected tools, this package is designed to help you elevate your commercial waterfed cleaning game to the next level!


    • XERO Pure Max PlusSystem
    • XERO M9 Waterfed Pole
    • XERO Destroyer Waterfed Pole
    • 12-year warranty on XERO Pure and Poles
    • 15 Tool Kit
  • XERO Big Scrubber
    Release Date: 8/24/2023

    Experience the best of both worlds with the innovative XERO Big Scrubber! Scombining both XERO and Maykker products. These exceptional kits include a XERO Aluminum Rinse Bar, a XERO Fast Lock Swivel Brush Attachment, a XERO Big Scrubber Pad Holder, and a Maykker Sleeve of your choice. Each Sleeve comes in a 10-inch size and the holder features velcro for quick and easy attachment. The combination of these products is thoughtfully designed to suit your needs and cater to both waterfed and traditional window cleaning.


    • XERO Aluminum Rinse Bar
    • XERO Fast Lock Swivel Brush Attachment
    • XERO Big Scrubber Pad Holder
    • Your Choice of Maykker Sleeve
  • NEW WCR Skateboards!
    Release Date: 8/18/2023

    A brand new limited edition set of skate decks to the window cleaner has finally arrived! Choose between the classic WCR Repeat Logo, or the edgier XERO Repeat Logo, to rep your favorite window cleaning brands! Display your pride of window cleaners with the Window Cleaning History, or represent The Squeegee Life with a Wet Em' Willy vintage design!

    Whichever you choose, you'll be coasting in style on a 8.25" wide board, made of the highest-quality 7-ply Canadian Hard Rock Maple wood right here in the USA!

    Release Date: 8/17/2023

    WCR Crimson Shirt

    The WCR Crimson Shirt offers unparalleled softness and an airy feel for an incredibly comfortable fit. Featuring a subtle heathered pattern, this tee presents our WCR logo in white, set against a captivating deep red base. Whether you're hitting the gym, exploring nature trails, unwinding at home, or out working on the job, this stylish tee is the ideal choice.

    WCR You Can’t See Me

    The WCR You Can’t See Me Tee is calling your name! Answer by getting your hands on this black tri-blend tee and proudly representing your favorite window cleaning supplier. With a unisex fit, this shirt showcases a camouflage-patterned WCR logo across the chest. The breathability and soft texture of this fabric will have you feeling comfortable whether you're out working on the job or at home relaxing.

    WCR Sunny Shirt

    Keep the sun off your back and stay protected with The WCR Sunny Shirt! This long-sleeve garment possesses moisture-wicking characteristics, enabling it to draw away sweat and keep you dry during rigorous workouts or physical endeavors. The fabric also incorporates anti-microbial properties, effectively preventing odors and ensuring you remain pleasantly fresh even during prolonged use. This long sleeve keeps a tidy and refined appearance thanks to a wrinkle-resistant finish. Additionally, the UPF 50+ protection will shield you from harmful UV rays on those sunny days.

  • NEW Maykker Track Brush Plus!
    Release Date: 8/15/2023

    The Maykker Track Brush Plus is a compact and convenient tool designed for gentle yet effective scrubbing without causing any scratches. Compared to the original Maykker Track Brush, the Plus is larger and features 90-degree functionality that allows you to remove dirt from corners and frames more easily. It has stiffer bristles for extra durability.

    Product Highlights

    • Total length of 9”
    • Great for corners and frames
    • Bristles made from hard polyester
    • Super Durable
  • NEW FromWorld Enterprises!
    Release Date: 8/7/2023

    Screw Driver Scraper

    The Screw Driver Scraper combines a screwdriver handle with a 1.5 inch scraper blade so you can reach stickers and decals in awkward spots. This scraper comes with one spare replacement blade so you can swap out when the original one gets dull. Then stock up on more (sold separately) to ensure you always have spares on hand. The handle offers convenient storage for your spare blade.

    Soft Grip Safety Scraper - 1.5 Inch

    The Soft Grip Safety Scraper - 1.5 Inch has a comfortable grip. Keep it on hand during your work day to easily remove stuck-on stickers or adhesive residue from glass. This scraper does not include a blade to start, so you'll want to pick some up if you don't already have them in your toolbox.

    Safety Scraper - 1.5 Inch

    Keep the World Enterprises Safety Scraper - 1.5 Inch on hand for stuck-on stickers and adhesive residue that is keeping you from leaving a perfectly clean window. This scraper easily fits in your pocket or tool pouch. Slide the blade out when you need to get to work, and then slide it back in to keep yourself from accidentally getting cut.

    Release Date: 7/21/2023

    WCR Spot Me Bro Long Sleeve

    If you value comfort and practicality while working out at the gym, then you should consider snagging this hooded WCR Spot Me Bro Long Sleeve. This quality top is crafted with a jet black 100% microfiber performance polyester fabric, that is moisture wicking, and anti-microbial, ensuring both durability and comfort. With the vibrant blue WCR logo on the front, you'll be sure to stand out.

    WCR Military Green Trucker Cap

    The WCR Military Green Trucker Cap is the perfect new hat to show off your love for your favorite brand! This stylish cap features a curved bill, six panels, and a convenient snapback closure, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone. Its polyester mesh backing keeps you cool on hot days, making it perfect for outdoor activities. This hat is a must-have addition to your WCR collection!

    WCR Gym Bro T-Shirt

    We know you loved the Gym Bro Hoodie, so we brought you the Gym Bro T-Shirt! This t-shirt is designed with practicality in mind! It incorporates odor control technology, which helps to keep you feeling fresh and confident, especially during intense workouts. The fabric is made with snag-resistance, ensuring your t-shirt remains durable and free from tears. The taped neck and shoulder seams offer comfort and provide a classic fit that you can rely on day after day.

  • NEW FROM World Enterprises!
    Release Date: 7/20/2023

    World Enterprises Copper Sponge

    In need of some real scrubbing power? The Copper Sponge from World Enterprises is abrasive and highly efficient in removing stubborn materials like adhesive residues, paint residues, and silicone. The combination of water and the sponge's copper construction creates a powerful cleaning action that helps to break down and lift these materials from the surfaces, leaving them clean and free of residue.

    World Enterprises Copper Cloths

    The World Enterprises Copper Cloths are a quick and effective solution for removing stubborn cement residue, lime scale, adhesive residues, paint residues, and silicones. These cloths feature fine copper threads that eliminate stubborn dirt, grime, and rust. Choose from three different cloth options: The smaller cloth measures approximately 4 x 5.5 inches (10 x 14 cm), and the larger cloth approximately 6 x 7.5 inches (16 x 19 cm). Alternatively, you can choose the loose cloth option, which provides more flexibility while cleaning and measures around 10 x 10 inches (25 x 25 cm).

  • XERO Aluminum Rinse Bar
    Release Date: 7/5/2023

    Introducing the XERO Aluminum Rinse Bar! Specifically crafted to seamlessly attach to any 12-inch XERO Brush. By conveniently mounting onto the brush block, this rinse bar guarantees a consistent flow of water across the bristles, revolutionizing the rinsing process to be swift and effortless. Crafted with lightweight aluminum, this remarkable add-on installs in a matter of seconds, enhancing the functionality of your brush.

    Product Highlights

    • Compatible with any XERO 12-inch water-fed brush
    • Maintains consistent flow of water onto your brush
    • Lightweight aluminum
    • Easy to install
  • XERO Aluminum Rinse Bar Product View
  • The Ultimate Residential Kit Product View
  • The Ultimate Residential Kit
    Release Date: 6/16/2023

    Getting into waterfed and aren’t sure what you need? The Ultimate Residential Kit comes with every single thing you need to be versatile, and successful in your water fed journey! Carefully curated with 14 essential tools with the XERO Pure as the flagship of this kit, and featuring both the XERO Trad Pole, and XERO Pro WFP, plus a Pure Water Power portable hose reel! Your search for the perfect kit ends right here.


    • XERO Pure System
    • 12-year warranty on XERO Pure and Poles
    • 14 Tool Kit
  • Maykker Handy Sleeve Buttonless
    Release Date: 6/6/2023

    Maykker does not disappoint with this new and improved Maykker Handy Sleeve Buttonless! Instead of buttons, this sleeve features a criss-cross tightening system for a snugger fit to your T-bar. The sleeve has the same grippy teeth as its previous model, so you can securely attach Maykker scrubber sleeves or a microfiber towel for complete control over your scrubbing.


    • Criss-cross tightening system
    • Reduces circumference profile
    • Gripping teeth allows for the use of various mediums
    • Tight tubular fit
  • Maykker Handy Sleeve Buttonless 6 Inch Flat View
  • Alex’s Pure MAX Kit
    Release Date: 6/6/2023

    Provide your customers increased water production and power with Alex’s Pure MAX Kit! Paired with the XERO Micro Basic, and including 100’ of XERO Rubber Hose, and the XERO Pure Add On Kit, the XERO Pure MAX enables you to tackle high windows with ease. Enjoy double pole capacity with dual RO Membranes for more pure water!


    • XERO Pure MAX Purification System
    • XERO Micro Basic Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole
    • XERO Rubber Hose 3/8" - 100 Foot*
    • XERO Pure Add On Kit
  • XERO Triple Pure Package
    Release Date: 5/25/2023

    This monster package from XERO is known as the XERO Triple Pure Package! With triple RO Membranes and capable of running three water-fed poles at once, this system is truly unstoppable. Conquer any job from brownstones to solar fields— you are prepared with the XERO Triple Pure paired with the pole of your choice!


    •  Three RO Membranes
    • Three Gallons Per Minute
    • 20 Inch DI Tank
    • Three Pole Operation Capability
  • XERO Triple Pure Package Product View
  • XERO Pure MAX Plus Package
    Release Date: 5/22/2023

    We know you love XERO, so we finally put together the XERO Pure MAX Plus Package! Including the XERO water fed pole of your choice, you will dominate your pure water game with ease! Not sure which pole is right for you? Give us a call!


    •  Enhanced Filters
    • Few Filter Changes
    • Powder-Coated Frame
    • Easy to Use + Transport
  • XERO Pure Plus Package
    Release Date: 5/22/2023

    With its candy-red frame and enhanced ability, the XERO Pure Plus Package is finally an option! Choose between the XERO M9, Pro Basic or Ultra, Micro Basic, Ultra, or Destroyer, XERO Destroyer or even the Delight! Protected by XERO’s 12-Year warranty, this four-stage system package will be a game changer for your business!


    •  User Friendly
    • Lightweight
    • Durable
    • Power-Coated Candy Red Frame
  • Moerman Scrubber Sleeve Pack Full VIew
  • Moerman Scrubber Sleeve Pack
    Release Date: 5/18/2023

    We know you love Moerman just as much as we do! So we put together a kit so you can try them all! The Moerman Scrubber Sleeve Pack includes the Niveo Sleeve, Microfiber Sleeve, FUGU Sleeve, and Baobab Sleeve. If you have always loved your scrubber sleeve, grab this pack so you always have a back up with the added bonus of variety! A scrubber for every level of dirty window? You can’t go wrong!


    •  Super Absorbent
    • Durable Design
    • Variety
    • Unmatched Scrub Power
  • Dirty Boys Screen Scrub
    Release Date: 10/31/2022


    Dirty Boys Screen Cleaner Brought to you by Sun and Bug from the 'Dirty Boys', this dirt-demolishing concentrate will have you breezing through the toughest of screen cleaning jobs. Careful, this stuff is powerful! You only need to use 2oz per 3 gallons of water. It's safe for most outdoor surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, pavement, and grass too!

    Release Date: 10/27/2022
    Never lose track of your appointments again with the first official WCR calendar!

    It's finally here!

    The long-awaited window cleaner calendar is HERE! This 12-month calendar features 12 photos of REAL window cleaners. Keep track of all your work, to-do lists, goals, and more. You might even find some extra holidays there too! Rep your window cleaning pride and hang this up in your home, office, or work vehicle! You can also find our secret WCR holidays!

    Release Date: 10/21/2022
    This improved and upgraded version of the standard XERO Pure Revolution is a great upgrade to your arsenal of equipment that will completely transform your water-fed window cleaning!

    What's upgraded on this new version?

    • Includes a Pressure Gauge
    • Includes a Chloramine Filter
    • Includes a Sediment Filter
    • New space-saving bracket for Pre-filters & DI
    • Comes standard with a powder coated Red frame
    • An upgraded 21-inch DI cartridge


    We understand that it is no easy decision to invest in a pure water system. It is a costly investment and we understand how that can sometimes make customers uneasy. There is a six-year warranty on all parts of either XERO System, not including the RO membrane. You can get more details on our XERO Systems Warranty here!

  • XERO Carbon Fiber
    Gutter Pole Set-30 Foot
    Release Date: 10/19/2022
    Take your gutter cleaning to a new level (literally) with this high-quality carbon fiber gutter pole set from XERO Products!

    Gutter cleaning just got easier!

    This gutter vacuum pole is an absolute game-changer! Your customers will notice the difference when you use this innovative and easy-to-use pole set in combination with a compatible vacuum, like the IPC Eagle Gutter Vacuum. Dominate the market and upgrade your gutter cleaning services! Looking for a complete set-up? Check out the XERO Gutter Vac Pack!


    • 100% Carbon Fiber
    • A modular layout makes for easy attachment or detachment
    • Flexible silicone reducer at the base of the pole
    • Special diagonally-cut hose end for optimal surface area
    • 6 pieces of carbon fiber gutter pole modular pieces
    • Angled gutter pole gooseneck to easily reach into gutters
    • Easily replace #10 Clamps
  • NEW Swag Items!
    Release Date: 10/12/2022
    Watch out window cleaners, new swag has hit the shelves of WCR!

    Ceramic Mason Jar Mugs

    Start your day right by having your morning cup o' joe or OJ in this high-quality stoneware mug. This red-speckled, eye-catching design is a perfect gift for your fellow WCR lover, including yourself! It can hold 16oz to keep you sipping all morning long.

    WCR Military Green Hoodie

    Just in time for fall, get cozy in this super soft Military Green HoodieThis hoodie is special as its sleeve cuffs and waistband is more elasticized, cinching the heat in to keep you warmer on those cooler days, but stretching to move as you go. Make sure to check the sizing chart to find the best fit for you!

  • Sörbo Q-Cobra
    Channel 40°
    Release Date: 10/6/2022
    A new channel from Sorbo that is made just for the Sorbo Cobra Flipper!

    Tell me more!

    The Q-Cobra is a “taller” channel. There is a deeper groove on the back specifically made to fit the Flipper, unlike the QuickSilver which can not accommodate the Cobra Flipper.


    • Available in 4 sizes: 14", 18", 22", 24"
    • Deeper grooved back of channel, perfect for fitting the Sörbo Cobra Flipper
    • Lightweight and durable
    Release Date: 9/29/2023

    Where do I use this?

    This handy tool is best used in flat-bottom gutters. You can still use this if your customer's gutters have rounded bottoms but be aware that a small amount of residue will be left behind . With the Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool you'll be able to leave the ladder on the truck to clear out all those fallen leaves.!


    • Eliminates the need for ladders when cleaning gutters
    • 14" wide grasp
    • 2.5" wide paddles
    • Economical
    • Fitted for standard Acme tip pole
    • Best suited for flat gutters but will work for round gutters
    • Simple pulley mechanism
    • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Moerman Mono Ergonomic T-Bar
    Release Date: 9/21/2022
    Check out the newest ergonomic, affordable, and robust standard t-bar from Moerman!

    Why do I need this?

    Give your hands and shoulders a break with this ultra-lightweight, Moerman Mono Ergonomic T-bar. It's constructed with durable plastic that will stay sturdy during the toughest of jobs. Easily scrub windows from french panes to wide storefronts without worrying about fatigue and sore muscles the next day! Go on, take it for a spin on your next job and feel the difference yourself.


    • Available in 6", 10", 14", and 18"
    • Features cavities that hold extra water and lighten the tbar
    • Comfortable ergonomic grip
    • Convenient hole at the base for easy snapping on and off pole tips
    Release Date: 9/13/2022

    How do I use this kit?

    These separate sections can be assembled together easily! To put this together, slide each unit over top of the one below. They will be held in place with locking pins that stop the sections from separating. Stack ladders are great for when you want to add height when working on large homes or commercial buildings.


    • Features the main essentials for what you'll need in this kit
    • Durable and stable so you'll feel confident when working
    • Add or subtract sections as needed easily

    Warning: This kit is only to be used by professional window cleaners.

  • XERO
    Release Date: 9/9/2022

    Get a package!

    Not only are these tanks easy to use and economical, but the XERO DI Tank also comes with a variety of pole options to best suit your working and financial needs! Choose your XERO pole level, series, and length to make a package that will transform your water fed method in soft water areas. Check out the package options!


    • XERO Pure Garden Hose to Female Swivel Adapter - 3/4 Inch
    • Garden Hose Male X 3/4 NPT Male
    • XERO Assembly Resin
    • Available in 1/2 Cubic Foot

    Not sure which XERO Pole or Water System is right for you? Chat with an EXPERT today, we are always available to assist.

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  • Moerman Bamboo
    Microfiber Cloth
    Release Date: 9/2/2022
    Moerman has done it again. Giving you top-tier gear, this eco-friendly, antimicrobial, bamboo-infused microfiber cloth is tough enough to eliminate the toughest grime and smooth enough to buff out smudge or streaks on glass!

    An eco-friendly, versatile towel!

    Don't let the silky-smooth microfiber fool ya, this towel is built to last the toughest of jobs. Two corners of this cloth feature an abrasive bamboo that's woven into the microfiber. The natural bamboo material is antimicrobial that removes 99.9% of germs from any surface. It's high water retention keeps you safe from dripping all over the place!


    • Eco-friendly bamboo fiber
    • Includes 4 corner pockets, 2 with scrub pads on the backside
    • Antimicrobial bamboo removes 99.9 % of all germs/bacteria
    • Highly absorbent
    • 23.5" x 15.5"
    • High water retention
    • Corner pockets are ideal for hand or extension pole use
    • Use either damp or dry

  • NEW XERO Towels!
    Release Date: 8/30/2022
    he XERO towel line has expanded and now offers you three brand new options that are sure to impress!

    XERO HD Microfiber

    Detailing windows, glass, and mirrors just got easier. This special knitted microfiber traps dust, dirt, and lint and holds onto it so you can continue to use it to buff out streaks. No more worrying about getting dust and debris back onto the clean glass!

    XERO Jolt Microfiber Towel

    Ever meet a two-faced towel? Now you have! This towel is dual-textured! One side features a smooth finish to polish or buff plastics, acrylics, and glass. The other side is rough enough to use as an abrasive that can rub away caked-on grime. This versatile towel is moisture-wicking and is great for interior and exterior jobs. It also dries quickly so you'll never have to worry about mold or mildew

    XERO Microfiber Towel

    Good things come in small packages, and this rings true for the new and exceptional XERO Microfiber Towel! These 11.5" x 11.5" towels are extra plush to buff away impurities from the glass without leaving a trail of lint behind. It can also retain twice its weight in water. It's sure to become your trad window cleaning companion for years to come!


  • Winsol Solar Brite
    and Dirty Bird
    Release Date: 8/30/2022
    We added two more Winsol products to tackle those extra grimey jobs!

    Winsol Solar Brite

    Bring solar panels back to life with this easy-to-use, biodegradable chem! It's perfect for the removal of pollutants, automotive exhaust, oils, jet fuel, grease, and grime!

    Winsol Dirty Bird

    Clean up the green way with this environmentally friendly, enzyme-based cleaning solution! Easily eliminate bird droppings and other organic waste. Dirty Bird is ideal for use on many surfaces, such as roofs, gutters, and much more!

    More Winsol Products!

    We offer a wide variety of Winsol products! If you're looking for top-quality, professional residential and industrial cleaning solutions, Winsol has something for you! Check out some of our most popular Winsol products:

    Winsol Crystal Clean 550 Glass Restorer

    Winsol Windows APC-120 Soap and Wetting Agent

    Winsol Super Slip Wetting Agent

  • NEW EaCo
    Chem Products!
    Release Date: 8/12/2022
    EaCo Chem is back at it again giving us amazing chems to tackle the hardest of jobs!

    EaCo Chem Hot Stain Remover

    This high pH alkaline cleaning product removes both food and petroleum oil staining! Bring this along to your customers who have drive-thrus, dumpster pads, or any type of stained concrete to refresh their property.

    Eaco Chem Cleansol BC

    Buckle up, everyone. This fast-working stain remover will knock your socks off when you bring it to your next job. This oxidation and soil remover is ideal for almost all surfaces around the home and in commercial settings.

    EaCo Chem NMD 80

    NMD or New Masonry Detergent 80 is designed for rejuvenating those masonry structures. Easily spray on, spray off and remove efflo, mortar smears, and more on brick, stone, and colored blocks.

  • NEW Bucket Accessories
    Release Date: 8/24/2022

    XERO Bucket Buddy

    Meet your bucket's new BFF! It's the perfect attachment to have a clean space for all your tools to rest when you're not using them.

    XERO Snappy Grip Bucket Handle

    Oh, Snap! Reduce the strain of carrying heavy buckets with this ergonomically friendly and lightweight bucket handle.

    Grit Guard Bucket Insert

    Keep your solution clear of dirt and debris with this 10.5" bucket insert that features four self-adjusting tabs that give you a secure fit!

    Gamma Seal Lid

    Tired of your soap solution jumping out of the bucket every time you move? Save your solution and seal your bucket with this leak-proof, airtight lid seal!

  • Moerman Liquidator Squeegee Channel 3.0-6"
    Release Date: 8/17/2022
    Master french panes and sills with this brand new 6inch Liquidator squeegee channel! Get the Moerman NXT-R Squeegee Rubber for this channel here!

    Wait.. no clips?

    Nope! This channel does not need end clips! This sturdy plastic channel is optimized to pinch your NXT-R rubber to hold it in place! Simply slide the rubber in and out for when it's time to change it.


    • Optimized pinching to avoid rubber movement
    • Single-piece angled edge channel with integrated end clips
    • Equipped with the Liquidator NXT-R rubber
    • Sturdy plastic material with optimal pinching to hold the rubber in place

  • Moerman
    FUGU Sleeve - 22 Inch
    Release Date: 8/17/2022
    Your favorite aggressive sleeve just got better...and bigger! Now available in a 22-inch scrubber sleeve!


    "Ok, first off, I'm a loyal fan of the Moerman blue sleeve, but let's face it, it doesn't have much scrubbing power. Now, the Fugu sleeve takes the baton. I love this sleeve! It scrubs like a beast, has excellent water retention, and it looks pretty awesome too in my opinion. Guys, this seriously erases dirt and grime. It also saves me steel wool. I can't recommend this sleeve enough" - Dillion The Window Cleaner


    • Microfiber Sleeve with Stiff Bristles
    • Heavy-duty Stitching
    • Built-in Scrub Pad
    • High Water Retention
    • Improved Velcro Fastening

  • XERO Bucket
    Dolly with Casters
    Release Date: 8/10/2022
    Let's get rolling with this heavy-duty, high-quality, bucket dolly! The XERO Bucket Dolly will fit most round 3.5 - 6 gallon buckets.


    • 2 Locking casters to handle inclines • Non-locking, free-rolling casters • Round heavy-duty bucket dolly


    • Heavy-duty urethane plastic • Allows for smooth bucket maneuvering • Holds up to 250 pounds • Works well with all 3.5-7 gallon round 12" diameter buckets • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
  • Sorbo Multi-Squeegee Completes
    Release Date: 8/3/2022
    The godfather of the wide-body squeegee is back with some new innovative tools!

    Sörbo 18 Inch 2X Multi-Squeegee Complete

    Seeing double? Get 2x the coverage on glass with this innovative squeegee! This specialty tool features a Sorbo Aluminum Channel with two 10" or 12" adjustable channels paired with the classic Sorbo Swivel Squeegee Handle. Your workflow will be lightning fast since this tool speeds up cleaning times on double-hung, sliders, and tilt/turn windows! Not interested in the complete? Check out the Sorbo 18 Inch 2X Multi-Squeegee Channel.

    Sörbo 18 Inch 3X Multi-Squeegee Complete

    French Panes are a total pain in the glass, but this one-of-a-kind tool will have you breezing through them! This 3x Multi-Squeegee features an 18-inch Sörbo aluminum main channel with three 5-inch or 6-inch channels attached to that. There are also detachable knobs and end protectors if you want to slide in rubber and utilize the 18-inch channel by itself. Say goodbye to tedious cleaning!

  • Moerman
    Takumi Deluxe
    Release Date: 7/22/2022
    Everything you love about the Moerman Takumi and then some!

    Takumi VS. Takumi Deluxe

    What makes the Moerman Takumi Deluxe different from the Moerman Takumi?

    • The Takumi Deluxe features a push-lock angle adapter

    • There is an option to remove the Moerman pole tip entirely

    • Unique ergonomic base for comfortable handling


    • Unique bulb-like base for ergonomic handling

    • Ribbed body for confident handling

    • Can reach up to 8 feet in height

    • Push-lock feature allows you to change angles

    • Interchangable pole tip head

    • Use multiple brands on this pole

  • WCR Sun's Out
    Gun's Out T-Shirt
    Release Date: 7/12/2022
    Reach 'Mach 10' speed during your workflow with this TOP tier T-shirt! More of a no-sleeve kind of person? We have this design in a Tank Top too!

    Maverick - Do You Copy?

    Attention window cleaners, let those guns out! This classic fit will flatter any figure and will keep you comfy with its breathable fabric throughout your work day. This Top Gun-inspired logo is perfect for any fan of the 1986 masterpiece, the 2022 sequel, or anyone proud of the good ol' USA!


    • 100% Cotton
    • Classic Fit
    • Chest Tolerance +/-1"

  • NEW Swag Items!
    Release Date: 6/23/2022
    With Summer in full swing, we have some sick new swag for you! To determine the best size for you, take a look at the size charts on each product.

    WCR Tanks

    Stay cool this summer with these patriotic Red, White, and Blue WCR Tanks! These tanks are 100% cotton and breathable with durable seams. You'll be cool and comfortable while out on the job or enjoying some downtime!

    WCR The Big C Hoodie

    Put the "C" in cool for your workflow or hang sesh with these airy and lightweight hoodies! This hoodie is constructed with soft French Terry fleece that can keep those pesky mosquitos from chowing down on you on those cold summer nights. You can bulk up this hoodie with layers or wear it as is!

    XERO Tank

    Rock your XERO pride with this super-soft jersey tank! It'll be your easiest, breeziest top to work (or hang by the pool) in this summer. It's made from 100% cotton and has a classic relaxed fit just like the WCR Tanks.

  • Unger nLite
    Brush Complete
    Release Date: 6/22/2022
    Say hello to Unger's super high-quality nLite Brush Complete! It features a built-in rinse bar and a choice between soft or hybrid bristles!

    Choosing between soft and hybrid!

    Hybrid: Boar's Hair and Nylon Bristles

    The inner nylon bristles on this hybrid brush are going to allow you to glide across the glass with ease, while the inner boar's hair bristles will scrub away the toughest grime in its path!

    Soft: Nylon Bristles

    This brush option is sleeker than most. The bristles are shorter but silky-soft! It's perfect for a gentle clean with light amounts of dirt and debris. You won't have to worry about excess dripping due to the non-absorbent, nylon bristles.

    Complete Water Fed Brush Includes

    • Unger nLite Brush x 1

    • Short Hoses x 2

    • Quick Connects x 2

    • Nozzles in brush x 2

  • CCWC Hip Clip BOSS
    Release Date: 6/21/2022
    The BOSS is back, baby!

    Back and Better Than Ever!

    Be the BOSS of your detail game with this rugged, durable hip clip. It fits in the palm of your hand and weighs practically nothing! Easily attach it to a 2-inch belt and clip your towel in. It really is that easy! Keep your towel secure and you'll never have to deal with wet leg again! This product is proudly made in the USA and will last you years to come.

    We know you can't refuse this offer, so grab one today


    Constructed with durable, thick plastic
    • Spring-loaded and lightweight
    • Provides a more comfortable and efficient workflow
    • No more wet leg!
    • Made in the USA

  • Crazy Larry's Window Cleaning Concentrate
    Release Date: 6/16/2022
    Crazy Larry brought his eco-friendly, homemade concentrate all the way from California to the hands of window cleaners everywhere!

    Protecting the environment while cleaning glass!

    This window cleaning concentrate was designed with protecting the environment in mind! It is free of harsh chemicals while still leaving a crystal-clear result on the glass. The concentrate is 100% water-soluble and non-toxic after diluting with water.


    • Supercharged squeegee glide
    • Superior foaming action
    • Streak-free concentrate
    • Safe with #0000 steel wool
    • Safe with razor blades
    • Slow drying formula
    • Eco friendly

  • XERO Delight
    Water Fed Pole
    Release Date: 6/3/2022
    Treat yourself to the most rigid and lightest water fed pole!

    Tell me more!

    This is XERO's highest quality pole yet! Made from ultra-high modulus carbon fiber, it is extremely stiff and incredibly lightweight! No bending or warping! This means your shoulders will be thanking you.

    The Delight weighs in at only 5.11 pounds! (Oh yeah, it's that light) At 47 feet fully extended, its 9 sections are held together by 9 sturdy XERO clamps. It offers the best lightness to stiffness ratio out of all XERO water fed poles!


    • 47 Foot Pole
    • Bare Pole weighs 5.11 pounds
    • Made from Ultra High-Modulus Carbon Fiber
    • Highest grade carbon fiber
    • Includes XERO Hose, Tucker Alpha Hybrid Brush, and sturdy plastic fittings
    • Durable, easy to screw and unscrew clamps

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  • Camouflage & Hot Pink
    XERO Micro Basic
    Release Date: 5/24/2022
    Oh yeah! Two MORE brand-new colors for your favorite residential pole!

    Is a XERO Micro Basic for me?

    The XERO Micro Series is perfect for residential window cleaners. Why? Glad you asked! More than 30' is rarely needed on a residence. Its compact size is comfortable working even on first floor windows. The pull apart design allows you to use as much or as little of the pole as you need. It's also 100% carbon fiber and the shorter sections make the Micro more rigid than other poles.


    Buy with confidence! Enjoy our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a straightforward "No Questions Asked Warranty." There is a three-year warranty on clamps as well as a three-year warranty on all XERO Poles. Read more here: The XERO Warranty.

  • NEW Swag!
    Release Date: 5/23/2022
    Show how much you love WCR while dressing AND smelling fresh with these new swag goodies!

    WCR Baywatch Tank

    Keep cool in the summer with this bright 100% cotton WCR tank! Made with classic breathable fabric and a classic fit designed for men, it's ready for all-day wear! You might want to order a few so you can rotate them throughout those hot summer days.

    WCR Camo Hoodie

    Did stealth mode just get cozy? Yes, yes it did! Remain discrete and go incognito on the job with these super-soft camo hoodies. Choose between Black or Forest and these durable, 100% cotton hoodies will help you keep a comfortable workflow all day long!

    WCR Air Freshener

    Do you smell that? It's the smell of success... and love and support for your favorite supplier! Keep your environment smelling fresh with a WCR Air Freshener. Available scents include Black Freeze, Lavender, Vanilla, New Car, and Ocean!

  • Sörbo Ledger
    CTL Swivel - 9 Inch
    Release Date: 5/11/2022
    Sörbo Ledger CTL Swivel - 9 Inch Release Date: 5/11/2022 Mr. Sörbo has taken influence from the Companion Tools Ledger Squeegee Handle for his very own Sörbo Ledger CTL Swivel Handle.


    • Great for cleaning deep-set sills
    • Works with most wide-body channels
    • Can be attached to extension pole using a wooden or plastic cone


  • Spicy Pete Kit
    Release Date: 5/11/2022
    Have a stellar traditional window cleaning session with this HOT starter kit by Spicy Pete!


    This kit features solid products from Moerman, SörboMaykkerXEROUngerEttore, and more to start your window cleaning journey off the right way!

    Included with this kit are the Moerman Side-Kit and Window Cleaner Leather Model 2, which can be your handy carry-all while on the job site, an 8-inch, 12-inch, and 18-inch Ettore Squeegee to have you covered, the classic Sörbo Complete Yellow Jacket Stripwasher in 18-inch, the Moerman Drywalker Flex, and Maykker Trident Belt to keep your best tools by your side.

    For detailing, Spicy Pete's included the WCR Track CleanerXERO Steel WoolRecycled Surgical TowelsMagic Foam Eraser Sponges, and the Unger ErgoTec Ninja ScraperScrub PadRub Out, and Easy Glide. Spicy Pete has even thrown in Cliche Chemicals Hi Slide for those super hot days!

  • XERO Pure Pack
    Release Date: 5/11/2022
    The ergonomically designed XERO Pure Pack is THE backpack to have when you want to get ahead on your route work


    • Removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • Ergonomic backpack design with cushioned straps for extra comfort
    • Has a capacity of 4 gallons
    • Long-lasting battery: 5 hours of spraying, 10 hours charge-life
    • Translucent container to check your liquid levels
    • Sturdy Brass fittings
    • Compatible with your water fed pole tubing


  • Sörbo Cobra Flipper Complete Squeegee
    Release Date: 5/6/2022
    Get the most efficient and fastest clean with the newest Sorbo Cobra Flipper Complete Squeegee! Don't want this complete? You can grab the Sorbo Cobra Flipper individually here.

    Included with this complete:

    • Super absorbent 3-inch thick Sörbo Yellow Jacket Washer x 1
    • Rigid aircraft-grade aluminum rod x 1
    • Aircraft-grade aluminum clips x 2
    • Lightweight and rigid Sörbo Cobra Squeegee Channel x 1
    • The sturdy Sörbo 9 inch Ledger CTL Swivel x 1

    Just a reminder!

    • BlackDiamond Round Top, Ettore Master, Facelift RazrBlade, Moerman, Pulex, Unger, and Wagtail Squeegee Rubber WILL NOT fit in the Cobra channel.

    • The included rubber in the channel may vary between natural or silicone.

    • Replacement flipper rod and clips are available

    • Replacement washer pads are available

  • SteveO's High Reach Water Fed Pole Kit
    Release Date: 5/5/2022
    Prepare yourselves.. for this BEAST. This kit is for the advanced window cleaner working on multi-level buildings

    The Superior Water Fed Pole

    This kit features the XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole! You have a choice of what length you want starting at 30' and going all the way up to a sturdy and stiff 90'. This kit is for the advanced window cleaner working on multi-level buildings. No wobbling or uncertainty, this lightweight and stiff pole will have you covered.


  • XERO Fast Lock
    Release Date: 5/4/2022
    The days of screwing on your brushes to your angle adapter are at an end thanks to the XERO Fast Lock!

    How do I use it?

    The square end locks into the square brush socket and a spring-loaded button keeps everything secure. Push the button, remove the current brush, and swap with a new one; it clicks right into place. The attachment is sold separately and included in the complete setup. You can also lock your brush into place at the standard angle or set it up vertically!


    • Available for purchase in Complete, Adapter, or Brush Attachment
    • Top-quality materials
    • Customizable to any angle

    What can I use this with?

    You can add this to any of your favorite XERO Water Fed Poles! Check out the XERO water fed pole series:

    XERO Pro Series

    XERO Micro Series

    XERO Destroyer

  • XERO Micro Basic
    Water Fed Pole
    Release Date: 5/4/2022
    Three ALL-NEW colored Micro Basic Poles have just hit the store! These colors are insanely vibrant. Introducing Electric Purple, Neon Green, and Caribbean Blue!

    America's Favorite Residential Pole

    The Micro is a true 30’ when extended and it will collapse down to only 53". You can remove every section of the Micro allowing you to shed the unnecessary weight and only use exactly how much pole you need for the job!

    Sections 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 all have built-in end protectors so you can use them like you would any base section. Ditch sections you don't need for the lightest, shortest pole around! The unmatched interior configuration utilizes every available inch.


  • The Squeegee Life Swag Collection
    Release Date: 5/3/2022
    Ready to show off your pride in your trade? The wait is over with these super-soft, artist-designed t-shirts by the boys over at Squeegee Life!

    Tell me more!

    The Squeegee Life apparel collection has been buzzing since 2017 when Marc and Tj were inspired to create stylish, comfortable gear for proud window cleaners to flaunt on the job. Seth Byers, Marc Tanner, Tim Huber, and Tj Gilbert set out to create awesome gear that window cleaners could don with pride in what they do to support their families.

    Soon after, they created a YouTube channel with informative videos and recordings of over 200 podcast episodes. Now, the four squeegee-fanatics host this live podcast every Wednesday night called "Squeegee Life", so pop on your soon-to-be favorite t-shirt and laugh with them as they discuss all things window cleaning. Check out their YouTube channel here!


    • Heather Navy
    • 35% Cotton, 65% Polyester
    • Modern classic fit
    • 3/4" rib collar
    • Taped neck and shoulders
    • Large: 30 1/4" L, Chest Tolerance 3/

  • Maykker Switch-Mop
    Release Date: 4/29/2022
    Get the absorbency you need while still achieving an aggressive scrub with the Maykker Switch Mop Scrubber Sleeve!

    Tell me more!

    This mop washer was designed to wrap securely around the Maykker Handy Sleeve! This is a one-of-a-kind mop that includes a conveniently replaceable blue scrubbing pad; this helps extend the lifespan of your mop. What makes this scrubber unique is the end-to-end replaceable scrubber strip, which aggressively scrubs away stubborn dirt covering the entire length of your sleeve.

    Want more than just the Maykker Switch-Mop Sleeve? It also comes in a complete!

    **Blue scrubber is not recommended for windows with film tint, E-glass, or bulletproof glass, as it could scratch these surfaces


    • Snuggly attaches to Maykker Handy Sleeve

    • Easy-Scrub end covers prevent excess water drippage

    • Machine Washable with air dry

    • Replaceable scrubber

  • Moerman Niveo Sleeve
    Release Date: 4/18/2022
    Get that trustworthy clean with a super-plush and absorbent sleeve by Moerman!

    Wait, there's more!

    This sleeve will have you paying fewer visits to the bucket. Even better, this sleeve comes in a complete option! It's paired with the Moerman Ergonomic T-Bar, which makes it a perfect complete scrubber for all-day use.

    The grooves in the T-bar allow water to enter, keeping your sleeve saturated for those long days on the route. The side scrubber on the sleeve is double sewn for seamless scrubbing action on stubborn dirt.


    • Super soft and absorbent polyester cloth

    • 3" Height, 1.5" Width

    • Comes in four different sizes

    • Fits well with the Moerman Ergonomic T-bar

  • XERO Spigot Mount Pressure Gauge
    Release Date: 4/8/2022
    Make taking readings on your source's pressure a breeze!

    What's Included

    • Liquid-filled pressure reader
    • Measures to 160 PSI
    • Garden hose threading


    • Sturdy brass construction

    • Crystal clear, liquid-filled face

    • Reads up to 160 PSI

  • XERO 100V Booster Pump
    Release Date: 4/1/2022
    Get more pressure when you need it the most with this easily portable, minimalist designed, and pre-tested pump


    • Built on an easily portable steel powder coated frame with handle

    • Minimalist design

    • Pre-tested so it's out-of-the-box ready

    • Vibration resistant


    • 1/2 Horsepower Motor x1

    • Brass Vane Pump x1

    • Pressure Regulator that reaches up to 100 PSI x1

    • Brass Garden Hose Fittings for inlet and outlet x1

    • 15' cord with GFCI plug x1

  • XERO 12V Booster Pump
    Release Date: 3/29/2022
    Get an extra boost and ensure rapid water flow with this 12V XERO Booster Pump!


    • Delivers 5.3 GPM at 90 PSI

    • Perfect for low-pressure situations

    • Compatible with any purification system

    • Includes brass fittings


    • 1/2" NPT ports

    • SHURflo built sealed motor

    • Santoprene diaphragm

    • Comes ready to go with durable brass fittings

  • XERO Premium Quick Connect Push to Fit Set
    Release Date: 3/24/2022

    How do I use it?

    It comes assembled with an easy-to-use XERO Push to Fit Straight Fitting. Simply push onto any 5/16" hose to assemble and push down on the blue top to release the hose.


    • Push to fit

    • Connects to an on/off valve to control water flow

    • Accepts 5/16" hose

  • Wagtail Power
    Pivot Flipper
    Release Date: 3/16/2022
    Save time and get the job done quickly with the Wagtail Power Pivot Flipper!

    Tell me more!

    This product features a microfiber flip pad, a squeegee, and a glide sponge pad. You can use it by hand or attach it to your pole using a Wagtail pole tip.

    With the pivoting handle, you will have greater accuracy and speed as you glide across the glass. You'll be leaving that glass spotless!

    The high-quality, mega absorbent microfiber pad flips under the rubber blade to help tackle that dirt and grime. Flip back to the squeegee for a non-drip detailed clean.


    • Wash and squeegee in one

    • Save time when cleaning

    • Non-drip

    • Continuous glide

    • Hand or pole work

    • Chose from 12", 14", 16", or 18"

  • S.M Arnold Leather Chamois
    Release Date: 3/11/2022
    Get a spotless, shining finish using this Chamois to soak up any excess water on the glass

    How do I use it?

    Using the Chamois towel is easy! Simply handwash it in lukewarm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and hang dry. After using, repeat those steps but leave a small amount of suds in the towel. Once it's dry, gently stretch to retain softness. Avoid wringing out the chamois like a sponge to give it a longer life.

    *Do not use with gasoline, grease, or oil


    • Excellent water retention

    • Wipes away excess water

    • Leaves windows shining

    • Made from European imported genuine leather

    • Can be used on glass, cars, boats, furniture, and woodwork

  • Flexzilla Garden Hose
    Release Date: 3/10/2022
    Looking for a hassle-free waterfed cleaning experience? Check this out!

    What should I use this for?

    Its all-weather flexibility makes using the Flexzilla Garden Hose completely hassle-free! We highly recommend that it's used as a feed hose to connect from the water source to a pure water system.

    Want to upgrade your cleaning even more? Try out the Flexzilla Garden Hose Kit!


    • Made with Hybrid Polymer

    • Super flexible

    • Lays flat; won't kink

    • Resists abrasions, UV, and mold

    • Leak-free connections

    • 150 psi

    • 5/8" inner hose diameter

  • XERO Destroyer
    Water Fed Pole - Neon Green
    Release Date: 3/08/2022
    Release your inner Hulk and smash through any job with the brand new 40-foot Neon Green XERO Destroyer!

    What does it come with?

    As usual, your XERO waterfed pole comes complete with fittings, XERO hose measured to the length of your pole plus ten feet, and a 12-inch Tucker Dual Trim Hybrid Brush.Don't forget that all XERO Poles come with a warranty. Which you can check out here!


    • Stiffest, most rigid pole in the XERO Series

    • Lightweight

    • Includes hose, brush, and fittings

    • Perfect for commercial cleaners

  • XERO Carbon Fiber
    Trad Pole 2.0
    Release Date: 3/4/2022
    We've dropped THREE new colored Trads for you to add to your XERO collection

    Meet Electric Purple, Neon Yellow, and Caribbean Blue!

    XERO's traditional extension pole that you all know and love has just dropped these three new colors! You can't go wrong with bright flashy colors. So go ahead, snag one... or all of them!

    Remember, The colored trad poles are not intended to be used with harsh chemicals as the colors will fade.


    • Available in 8 colors

    • Clamps for easy extending

    • Includes Acme Tip and Wood Cone Adapter

    • Optional Trad Adapters for your favorite brands

    • Built-in End Defenders

    • Perfect for Storefronts with Traditional Tools

  • XERO Pure
    Revolution ATOM
    Release Date: 3/03/2022
    The perfect compact pure water system that is ready for action!

    A Smaller System? What does that mean?

    The DI tank is smaller on the ATOM! It'll be doing the same job, but you may have to switch out your resin more often. You should switch out your resin when your TDS starts to read about 10ppm! Filter changes are easy and you can even order your own favorite filter to replace the old one. To keep your ATOM at its best, keep up with regular filter changes and other system maintenance.


    • Compact design for small vehicles

    • 3 stages of filtration

    • Non-proprietary filters

    • Weighs 52lbs

    • No pump needed

  • IPC Eagle
    Boars Hair Slide Brush
    Release Date: 3/02/2022

    Looking for an aggressive brush?

    You'll get intense scrubbing power while waterfed cleaning with the IPC Eagle Boars Hair Slide Brush! It features a 12-inch radius block with thick, aggressive natural boards hair fibers. Two rows of bristles are flared upward for max surface coverage. In combination with the 4 pencil jets for extra rinsing power, you'll be sure to tackle built-up dirt on the glass!


    • 12-inch block

    • Thick natural boars hair

    • Maximum coverage

    • 4 pencil jets

    • Euro angle adapter included

    • Weighs 1lb