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About EBC Glide

EBC Glide is a window cleaner's and pressure washer's best friend for dealing with new builds and messes left by contractors. This bio-degradable and non-toxic formula is super concentrated so you can use less to do more! Plus it doesn't contain ammonia or phosphates.

Use this as an additive (with a moderate foam level) to your favorite house wash mix for extra shine on windows. Just rinse and let it air dry. In addition to sparkling windows, it also shines metals! Even on polymer-treated surfaces, you won't find any haze left behind. 

You can also use this for squeegeeing or water fed pole work. It will stay wetter longer than your standard soaps making your squeegee glide effortlessly across glass. Or if you need to work with a razor, you lessen your likelihood of leaving scratches behind.


  • Superb Wetting and Reduced Drag
  • No Residue or Haze Left Behind
  • Smoother Razor Scraping
  • Glass Stays Cleaner Longer
  • Concentrated Formula
  • Safe on Glass, Plastics, and Metals
  • Ammonia and Phosphate Free
Product Name Length Width Height Weight
EBC Glide 1 Gallon
12" 6.25" 6.25" 9 lbs
EBC Glide 5 Gallon
14.875" 12.25" 12.25"  46.5 lbs
Manufacturer Part NumberGLIDE-1Gal


Ask a Question
  • What is recommended mix ratio to gallon of water?

    This is highly concentrated and the suggested ratio is 1/8 oz per gallon of water.

  • Does this compare to the Hi Slide?

    Hi Slide is an additive to keep windows wet longer, where EBC Glide is a concentrated cleaner.

  • Can I add this to my bleach tank that I use to downstream and still be effective? if so how much per gallon?

    We would only suggest this chemical for window cleaning.

  • Can it replace Dawn dish soap , or Palmolive dish soap , My other question would be is there a pump that we can get for the gallon and for the 5 gallon containers

    Yes, this is a great soap option for window cleaning. We do not currently offer a compatible pump.

  • Can use this in addition to Dawn dish soap?

    This product is designed to be added to any basic soap solution for added slip and shine,  but we always encourage you to check all SDS sheets for any product you use and mix for your own safety measures.

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