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About the XERO Rinse Bar

The XERO Rinse Bar is designed to seamlessly fit 12 or 18-inch XERO water-fed brushes. Rinse bars have become a well-loved staple to water-fed window cleaners thanks to the consistent flow they offer to ensure you leave a spotless finish.


These Rinse Bars are designed to be lightweight and durable. Made from quality plastic, you'll barely notice the extra weight on your brush. A row of jets the entire length of the rinse bar directs water onto the window to facilitate quick and easy rinsing. 


Installing this brush add-on is a breeze. First, remove the socket on your brush. Then stack this rinse bar on the brush block and the socket on top of the rinse bar. Use the included screws to connect both the socket and rinse bar to your brush block. The included screws are generally longer than what your brush and socket initially had.

This Rinse Bar comes equipped with a XERO Push-to-Fit Straight Fitting that works with 5/16 Inch outer diameter hose. It's easy to connect your pure water to the rinse bar so you can rinse away dirt and grime. The push fitting can be easily replaced if you damage it from a fall so you can keep using the rinse bar.


This rinse bar fits best on XERO brushes, but you can also try this rinse bar on other popular brush brands like Tucker. Choose the 12-inch or 18-inch option based on the size of your brush.

XERO Hose works perfectly with the push fitting on this rinse bar, so if you have a XERO Pole, you're already set up for success. The push fitting makes it easy to disconnect your pole hose and hook up to your brush jets for a different job.


Rinse bars offer a steady flow of water over the entire length of your brush vs the two or four jets of water you normally get from the internal plumbing of your brush. This rinse bar allows the water to shoot past your brush bristles and directly onto the glass you are cleaning. That way no dirt that may be stuck to your bristles will get blasted back onto the glass ensuring a spotless finish. The stream of water from this rinse bar is all directly forward giving you easy control of where you are cleaning.

Experience a better way to rinse windows with the affordable and durable XERO Rinse Bar!


  • Compatible with most 12 or 18-inch water-fed brush
  • Keeps a steady flow of water on your brush
  • Durable and lightweight plastic
  • Easy to install
  • Forward water stream
  • Works best with XERO water-fed brushes and XERO pole hose

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