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About the Squeegee Life the Keychains

Get your Squeegee Life the Keychain to make sure you can easily recognize your keys! Boost your style with this bright orange tag with black lettering. It offers a great contrast of colors and it catches peoples' eyes to let them know who you're representing. It comes in 5.5" x 1.1" thus making it noticeable from a distance while fitting perfectly in your hand.

Impress other window cleaners with the miniature squeegee at the end of the keychain! It comes in a basic brass or a Sörbo channel like the Red White and Blue, the Viper, and the Blue Lightning! And if you don't want the miniature squeegee variant, that's fine too, you can buy just the tag.

The multi-dimensional Squeegee Life crew hosts a podcast and YouTube channel in addition to working as window cleaners and creating their own line of tools and apparel. Check out their Youtube channel for their latest window cleaning content.


  • Includes a bright orange keychain tag
  • Optional mini squeegee
  • Perfect for holding your keys

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  • When and will these be back in stock with channels

    We may be getting some come Springtime 2023.

  • When will this be back in stock?

    We will have more in stock in about 1-2 weeks!

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