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About the XERO High Flow Upgrade Kit

Get the extra boost you've been looking for with this XERO High Flow Upgrade Kit. This package provides you with nine essential tools to help you up your water-fed game.

Within this kit, you'll find 100 feet of the XERO High Flow Hose. This kink-free hose is made from ether-based polyurethane and is slightly larger than the standard water-fed pole hose. With a 1/4-inch inner diameter and a 3/8-inch outer diameter, this hose will provide you with greater water flow.

In addition to the XERO High Flow Hose, you'll receive a XERO High Flow Hose Quick Connect. This handy device allows you to attach your hose to the included on/off Valve and control the water flow from your pure water system. For connecting the High Flow Hose to your water-fed brush, you'll get a XERO High Flow Hose Connection to Brush set. You'll also receive a XERO Push-to-Fit Straight Reducer - 5/16 to 3/8 Inch, a XERO Push-to-Fit Straight Fitting - 3/8 Inch, and a World Enterprises Push-to-Fit Shut-Off Valve.

The best part of this XERO High Flow Upgrade Kit is that you get to choose your favorite 18-inch XERO brush to be included. Each brush comes with the XERO Fast Lock socket and an 18-inch XERO Aluminum Rinse Bar. 


  • Greater water flow to your water-fed pole
  • Features nine components
  • Includes:
    • XERO High Flow Hose 100'
    • XERO High Flow Hose Quick Connect
    • World Enterprises Push-to-Fit Shut-Off Valve - 3/8 Inch
    • XERO Push-to-Fit Straight Fitting - 3/8 Inch
    • XERO Push to Fit Straight Reducer - 5/16 to 3/8 Inch
    • XERO Outlet Quick Connect
    • XERO Aluminum Rinse Bar - 18 Inch
    • XERO Brush - 18 Inch of your choice
    • XERO High Flow Hose Connection to Brush


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