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About the PURPLE Window Cleaning Soap

The PURPLE Window Cleaning Soap, created in Italy, is the slow-drying, extra-foamy soap you need!

This soap is suitable for all glass surfaces and has a highly penetrating formula that efficiently lifts away dirt and grime. The concentrate produces a high-density foam that allows for extra glide when using your squeegee. 

For proper use, apply the product on your washer sleeve or directly into your solution bucket, and get to scrubbing! This activates the abundant foaming action that removes stubborn spots on your windows. 

 Achieve a long-lasting clean with this PURPLE Window Cleaning soap.


  • Slow drying 
  • Unique fragrance
  • Suitable for all glass surfaces
  • Extra foaming action
  • 500 ml (16.9 oz)
Product Name Length Width Height Weight
PURPLE Window Cleaning Soap 8.25" 2.5" 2.5" 1.255 lbs
Manufacturer Part NumberPurple1


Ask a Question
  • How much do you add per gallon of water? Not asking how to apply, I want to know how much you add per gallon of water?

    This soap is ready to use in its concentrated form. You can add as much or as little per gallon of water as you prefer. It is similar in viscosity to Dawn dish detergent but has a foamier result in its base concentration at equal parts.

  • How many ounces do you put in a gallon

    This soap is ready to go and can be applied directly to your mop for extra foamy action or diluted to your preference. Similar in consistency to Dawn Dish soap but foamier straight out of the bottle.

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