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Regular price $39.99 USD
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About the Sargent Ladder's Little Helper

Make scratching your customer's gutters and feeling unsafe while you're up there a thing of the past with Sargent Ladder's Little Helper. Whether you're looking to improve your ladder's stability or wishing to keep the finish on the gutters just how you found them, this small yet mighty ladder tool is the one for you.

The creators behind this ladder accessory made your safety their top priority. The anti-slip TPE ribbed rubber is bonded to the durable yet lightweight UV-stabilized polypropylene and will not delaminate over time, meaning this tool will last you for years to come. The Ladder's Little Helper has also been tested to show it can retain its original shape at 125° F for over 300 hours, so it's useful in hot climates.

This tool features a unique 2-stage pole insert that has been designed to fit a range of pole and pole tip types. In addition, tie-off points have been punched in the top of both sides in case you wanted to secure it even further.

The rubber on this tool passed a slip test on the gutter while supporting 600 lbs, so you can feel confident to climb up there with all your gear and still not weigh it down.

Now, how do you use this nifty tool?

  1. Insert your pole into the bottom part. It can even be as simple as a broom handle, or you can utilize a window cleaning extension pole with any cone tip.
  2. Extend your pole to reach the gutter and place it over the edge of the gutter.
  3. Drop it into place and pull your pole down and out of it.
  4. Extend your ladder and place it against the black rubber pieces on the front in between the guides. Your customer's gutters will be protected and your ladder won't budge.
  5. Once the ladder is in place, climb the ladder. You'll feel the difference of how much more secure it is by the power of the rubber's friction, rather than balancing against the slippery metal of the gutter.

Protect your customer's gutters, your company's good name, and yourself by preventing accidents with the Sargent Ladder's Little Helper.


  • Constructed with polypropylene and rubber
  • Great for gutter cleaning, painting, traditional window cleaning, and all roof-access needs
  • Easy to use 

*Not compatible with gutter guards.

Manufacturer Part NumberLLH

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  • Will this work with a multi position ladder such as a little giant? Thanks

    Hey there! Great question. So the Sargent Ladder's Little Helper can accomodate any ladder (not exceeding 18" wide) being leaned up onto gutters. This is mainly used in conjunction with stack or extention style ladders; so depending on which type of Little Giant you have, you might want to touch base with one of our product specialists to double check compatibility. You can utilize the chat feature on our site, or give us a quick call at 862-266-0677.

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