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About the XERO Micro Replacement Section

Have you done major damage to your Micro Pole? Swap out the broken sections for a brand new one! These sections are made of the same great carbon fiber and clamps as your XERO Mirco Pole for a seamless replacement. Make your pole like new again.


Ask a Question
  • If I want to add multiple sections to the 2.0 (20') which sections do I get. I saw that I can start with section 6, but do I get a 7 next or a 5?

    Hi Kavon, the smallest section is always the smallest number. So, you would go up by 6, then 7, then 8, and so on.

  • Can someone tell me which section you would add to the xero trad 2.0 to extend it out further? I assume there would be another section that the largest section would fit into but have no clue which one I should get.

    If you want to add length to the Xero Trad 20', then start with section 6 Note: Due to slight manufacturing differences between the Xero Trad pole and the Xero Micro, the sections of the trad pole will extend beyond the base of the Micro sections when pole is fully collapsed. It does not affect the functionality of the pole.

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