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About the WCR "Maykker My TechnoPad" Kit

Maykker meets the TechnoPad!

Swivel away by hand or attach the lightweight, ergonomic TechnoPad from IPC Eagle to your trad pole. Paired with one of the three 10-inch Maykker Sleeves for an outstanding scrub and clean. The TechoPad is battery-free and comes in your choice of blue, red, or lime green. The pad holder is 4" x 9".

**The TechnoPad has a good, secure fit on all major cones and tips but, will not fit on the Ettore Pole tip, Unger Wooden Cone, or Unger Snap-In Pole Tip.

Why Maykker Sleeves?

Maykker sleeves are one of a kind. They are made from high-quality microfiber for the utmost absorption and water retention. When done using, simply throw them in the washer machine to clean. Choose from Hedgehog, Scotsman, and Python depending on the job at hand. Start with the included sleeve in your kit and pick up other varieties separately to test them all out!

The Hedgehog*:

Annoying, stuck-on debris is not an issue when using the Maykker Hedgehog Sleeve. Its tiny, coarse nylon quills built into the ultra-absorbent microfiber will easily remove tough grime on a glass surface.

*This product is NOT recommended for windows with film tint, E-glass, or bulletproof glass.

The Scotsman:

Experience a superior clean with the Maykker Scotsman Sleeve. Crafted with a large microfiber-tweed, it gives it a weighted feel for heavy-duty cleaning for a squeaky-clean finish.

The Python:

With a smaller microfiber tweed, the Maykker Pyhton Sleeve has a softer feel making it a great option when working with a more delicate surface.

Kit Contents:

  • IPC Eagle TechnoPad with Handle (your color choice)
  • 10 Inch Maykker Sleeve (your style choice)


  • Use by hand or on a pole
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Swivel feature
  • Superior water retention and absorption

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  • Did they stop making/change the blue handle with the grips ?

    We still have the blue handle in stock and available. It has not changed.

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