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Squeegee Life

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Squeegee Life Pole

The Squeegee Life Pole is perfect for both traditional and water fed cleaning. This versatile pole has 8 sections that expand out to 30 feet to start. It collapses down to around 68.5 inches. Extensions add 10 so you can buy the size that is perfect for your business or add them on later. The Squeegee Life Pole works with the Destroyer+ Extensions and the #9 Adapter. Don't want such a large pole for a job? Just take the extensions off, or even start dropping sections from the base pole. Each section has a built-in End Defender that protects it from getting chewed up while you work. This pole has walls that are thicker than usual for increased rigidity so it stays stiff, even at heights. It's built with a unique sanded 3K Carbon Fiber.

What makes it great for traditional cleaning is the smaller top for sections that are easy to control. Extend or collapse each section to your desired length and pull off any sections you don't need. It includes an Unger Trad Adapter so you can swap out your brush for your traditional tools.


This pole includes the brush, hose, and fittings you need to get started right out of the box. The Tucker dual trim brush comes in black and has a hybrid set up that includes outer nylon bristles for a smooth glide and inner boars hair bristles for scrubbing. Each pole includes hose the length of it, plus ten feet so you have enough to hook up to your system. The On/Off valve allows for easy shutoff.

Collapsed length is 68.5 inches.

 XERO Warranty


What's Included:

  • Tucker Black Dual Trim Brush - Hybrid
  • Angle Adapter
  • On/Off Valve
  • XERO Pole Tip - Anti-Spin
  • XERO Pole Trad Adapter - Unger
  • XERO Premium Push to Fit Garden Hose Quick Connect Male - 5/16 Inch
  • XERO Hose Neon Yellow
  • XERO Universal Extension Adapter - #9 (NOT INCLUDED WITH THE 30-FOOT POLE)
  • XERO Destroyer+ Universal Extensions (NOT INCLUDED WITH THE 30-FOOT POLE)
Product Name Number of Extensions Amount of Hose Weight - LBS Weight - GRAMS
Squeegee Life Pole 30 Foot 0 40 Feet 4.9 2223
Squeegee Life Pole 40 Foot 1 50 Feet 7 3175.2
Squeegee Life Pole 50 Foot 2 60 Feet 9.1 4127.7
Squeegee Life Pole 60 Foot 3 70 Feet 11.2 5080.2


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