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SolarCleano F1/F1A → The All-in-One Solar Panel Cleaning Solution

SolarCleano F1A → The Number One Autonomous Solution

The SolarCleano F1A is your fully-autonomous robot dedicated to large solar installation panel cleaning. Fantastic for cleaning glass roofs, solar fields, and residential solar panels, SolarCleano F1A embodies the next generation of innovation. It is also camera operable, so you have full visual control, and it connects to standard garden hoses of .5-.6 inches for simple water application.

SolarCleano uses artificial intelligence in all their products. This intelligent cleaning robot can be programmed to work day and night under high heat concentrations. The artificial intelligence also lets you track the operational and cleaning status of the robot on the SolarCleano mobile app.

The F1 and F1A have the highest cleaning ability on the market. Not only is this model suitable for wet cleaning, but is capable of cleaning dry surfaces as well, giving you the wiggle room to utilize it on any type of solar installation. This is all thanks to the Helicoidal brushes, which don two bristle types for cleaning sensitive surfaces in any condition.

The F1 and F1A are portable and can be easily carried and worked or set up by one person. Plus, constructing this robot is easy, and can be done in approximately 3-5 minutes. The F1A autonomous solar cleaning robot automatically rejuvenates its batteries and is programmed to clean for up to 24 hours per day.

Its robotic design and customizable solutions are tailored to rooftops and large solar farms and cleaning in arid desert regions. The F1A is the most nimble autonomous cleaning robot, with its accurate positioning, inter-robot contact, and sense surveillance system, as it can cross over gaps up to 27.5 inches.

It will automatically know when to recharge its batteries and perform troubleshooting. Incredible in design and intelligent function, the SolarCleano F1A features an LED light system for cleaning during the nighttime. For easy transportation in a truck, van, or even a hatchback, the robot can be dismounted into 4 lightweight parts.

The F1’s high-end caterpillar tracks can easily cross and gap up to 27.5 inches, and its ultrasound sensors for edge protection ensure the panels stay unharmed. Its central electric switching box power is supplied by a lithium battery with an autonomy of 4 hours.

These robots come with a one-year warranty, or you can purchase a second year of coverage for an additional fee. Depending on how much you use it, the trackers may need to be replaced twice a year and the batteries after about 2,500 charging cycles.

Dominate your solar panel cleaning with the F1 - perfect for large solar panel installations, rooftops, and glass.

**To learn more about pricing and how to purchase the SolarCleano F1A, please call us at (862) 266-0677, or chat with us in the lower right-hand chat box.

SolarCleano F1 → Remote-Control at your Fingertips

The SolarCleano F1 is just like the F1A, but requires manual functioning via remote control from the ground level.


Name Autonomous / Remote Controlled Length Width Height Weight Wet / Dry Cleaning Cleaning Capacity Maximum Speed Remote Control Range Battery Duration
F1 Remote Controlled 57 Inches 51.20 Inches 13.80 Inches 176.40 Pounds Wet & Dry 1,600m²/hour 1.5 mph 656.17 Feet 2 hours, 30 Minutes
F1A Autonomous 57 Inches 51.20 Inches 13.80 Inches 187.40 Pounds Dry 1,000m²/hour 1.12 mph N/A 2 hours



  • Remote Control or Autonomous
  • Cleans all types of surfaces
  • 4 Brush Types
  • Lithium battery
  • Can be separated into 4 parts for easy assembly and deconstruction
  • Achieve full efficiency with clean panels
  • 1 Year Warranty

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  • Are there seminars or demos to come and see on site? Do you sell the water purifier to supplement water needed? How much water is used per minute or hour. Are parts readily available on a break down? Can this machine be used for a dry clean? If so, where does the dirt and debris go? How many people does it take to successfully operate this business on a daily basis? I may want to add this to my security, business of asset protection on solar farms, and wind farms under construction.

    You have a lot of great questions! Please give us a call at 862-266-0677 so we can have one of our expert specialists discuss this product in further detail.

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