Training Modules Overview

Our "Learn to Clean Windows" program offers comprehensive training modules tailored for business owners who need to train their employees. Here's what each module covers and what your team can expect to learn:

Fall Protection

This module teaches best practices for navigating roofs safely and using fall protection systems. You will learn about safe roof pitches, types of roofs, and what you can and cannot walk on. The module covers the components of a personal fall arrest system and explains the difference between fall restraint and fall arrest.


This module covers essential safety practices and proper use of ladders. It emphasizes understanding ladder types, weight limits, and regulations. You will learn to choose the right ladder based on task requirements and how to identify damaged ladders to ensure they are removed from service. The module also explains different ladder styles and their appropriate uses, helping you, or your employees, gain confidence and ensure safety while working at heights.

Pole Work

This module covers the skills and tools needed for pole-based window cleaning, reducing the need for ladders and decreasing the risk of injury. You’ll learn to select the appropriate pole, understand pole connections like ACME threads and clips, and how to use them effectively to improve your window cleaning abilities. Additionally, you’ll learn about potential hazards to avoid when performing pole work.

Post Construction

The module emphasizes the importance of pre-job inspections to identify any pre-existing damage, ensuring your work meets high standards without incurring unnecessary risks. It also focuses on safely removing residues like paint, stucco, glue, and tape. You’ll learn how to identify and mitigate hazards on construction sites effectively.

Pressure Washing

This module covers proper safety measures to take when pressure washing, providing an in-depth analysis of the components that make up a pressure washer, as well as the accessories used with pressure washers, such as wands and surface cleaners. It is an excellent resource for educating your employees on how to properly handle and operate a pressure washer, ensuring they have the necessary knowledge and skills for safe and effective use.

Safety Intro

This module emphasizes the importance of safety when window cleaning. It covers why safety is important, how to identify and control hazards, and the steps for conducting thorough risk assessments. You’ll learn about various types of hazards and effective strategies for mitigating them, ensuring a safer work environment for you and your team. This foundational knowledge is crucial for preventing accidents and maintaining safety standards in your business.

Solar Panels

This module covers the various components that make up solar panels and the different types of solar cells. It includes guidance on identifying defective and damaged panels, as well as the role of water-fed poles in cleaning solar panels. Additionally, you will learn the optimal scrubbing patterns to use when cleaning solar panels with a water-fed pole and troubleshooting techniques to address common issues.


This module provides an in-depth review of squeegees, including a breakdown of all components. You will learn about channels, different channel sizes, and channel clips. The module also covers squeegee handles, comparing swivel versus straight handles, and proper hand placement. It teaches how to identify damage, such as a bad edge, and how to properly replace the rubber in a squeegee. Additionally, you will learn techniques for effectively using a squeegee.


This module covers the importance of vehicle safety, including crash physics and common road signs to be aware of. It also provides a comprehensive understanding of common dashboard icons, how to check tire and tread, and how to jump a car battery. You will learn about weight capacity ratings, hooking up trailers, testing trailer brakes, and brake controllers. Additionally, the module emphasizes proper vehicle maintenance.

Water Fed Poles

This module explores the extensive world of window cleaning using water filtration systems and water-fed poles. You will gain a thorough understanding of the water filtration process, hose reels, and water-fed poles. The module covers potential hazards, water-fed pole plumbing, different types of jets, and synthetic scrub pads. It also discusses various types of glass and the best methods for scrubbing glass with a water-fed pole. Additionally, you will learn how to properly troubleshoot issues related to water-fed pole systems.

Window Cleaning

This module covers various types of windows and window screens, including how to remove different types of screens and use window coverings. You will learn the proper techniques for moving customer belongings. The module explains different window formations, traditional window cleaning tools, and how to properly use these tools. It provides a step-by-step process for cleaning both interior and exterior windows and discusses common encounters when cleaning windows. Additionally, you will learn how to identify defective or damaged glass, work on mineral stains, and most importantly, how to think like a professional window cleaner.

This training material is practical and straightforward, focusing on real-world applications, safety, efficiency, and liability. Using the VARK method (Visual, Audio, Reading, and Kinesthetic learning), our platform caters to all learning styles, providing a solid base of knowledge that minimizes the need for extensive field training. Save time, money, and effort by empowering your employees with these essential skills.