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Spring (Europe) Limited

Spring Europe Battery Powered Pump Controller V16 - Charging

Spring Europe Battery Powered Pump Controller V16 - Charging

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About the Spring Europe Battery Powered Pump Controller V16 - Charging

This version of Spring Europe’s Battery Powered Pump Controller V16 includes a new charging feature that charges your work vehicle's leisure battery while the engine is running. Additionally, this pump controller reports both batteries' voltage and protects the battery from discharging too much.


Pump Protect: Dead-end detection, pressure switch shutdown, over-current detection, and short-circuit detection help save on power and water in addition to protecting your entire system.

Pump Smooth: The advanced pump drive system runs your pump much more smoothly and quietly and extends its water life. Drive your pumps slower, faster, and harder with the V16.

Pump Precision: Thanks to the new pump control technology, the pump is monitored with far greater precision, saving water and energy and offering faster and more accurate dead-end protection.

Polarity Protect: This feature means the V16 will not be damaged if wired incorrectly; it simply will not work. Once it has been wired correctly, the unit will recover and work normally.



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