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Irvin Lee Tucker, the creator of the Tucker Pole, passed away, and the American Window Cleaner magazine mourns his death. Tucker began work at an early age, served in the US military, attended college, and started his own business. He learned his strict work ethic from his father, a former business owner. He even became a licensed pilot!

According to safety expert Gary Mauer, "When it comes to safety documentation, most window cleaners don't get to see all they're entitled to see." He cites complaints from many different window cleaning forums about questionable or non-existent fall protection anchors. Most window cleaners are unaware that building owners have to provide a letter of assurance.

Chief correspondent of AWC Bob Lawrence discusses the good and bad of subcontracting. He posed several questions to a select few window cleaners, asking them if they subcontract their services and what the advantages and pitfalls are of doing or not doing so. Their responses may surprise you.


  • The President of the IWCA leaves a message on why and how you should protect your employees
  • How to see if any tax deductions are available to your window cleaning home office
  • When and if to sell your business and how much you can profit off it
  • If you should have a minimum charge for your customers no matter the job

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  • What do WFP operators charge for their services?

    That is a great question, but a hard one to answer! Where one waterfed service provider might charge per pane, another might have a minimum bid on square footage. It really depends on your location, and what type of work you will mainly do. There's a lot of community support in our Window Cleaning Resource Forum, and also a chat specifically for pricing on our Pro Window Cleaning Facebook page, which has members from all over the world. You can always reach out to speak with one of our product specialists as well, since they are also actively working in the field, offering waterfed services.

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